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Recycling certainly saves on the precious raw material, especially when it comes to products related to paper. Tissues made out of recycled paper is process intensive, however, Celtex recycled tissue is unique, as it is manufactured out of the waste generated from tissue manufacturing. Daniele Mamoli, Export Director, Celtex S.p.A. speaks to Clean India Journal at Pulire Verona.

Trims, scraps and materials coming from the production is fed to the converter to produce tissues and “our products is more a ‘100% pure recycled product’.” Tried and tested, the product holds Ecolabel, Food and Dermitology certification. “Thus, our product can be put to any application without any hesitation, be it for hospitality, catering, industrial or any specific use of cleaning.

“We do not use bleach, chemicals or any chlorine in the production process and achieve 75% whiteness of the paper, especially of the Save Plus line. To achieve 83%, which is the pure cellulose, we have to use chemicals to keep them white.”

Celtex S.p.A. has facilities in Italy, France and one in Eastern Europe. “We have two paper mills of which one is a recycling mill and we also have a convertor.”

 Coming down to Asia, “we have very good presence in the Middle East – Israel, Lebanon, Jordon, GCC area, Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and others– through our distributor network. India is a big challenge. Products that are sold directly to India incur a customs duty of over 40%, which cuts the business potential. “It is thus essential for us to first evaluate the market, understand the players, especially the local players besides SCA and Kimberley Clark who are already present in the market, and also assess the quality of the existing products, before deciding to enter the market by producing locally.

“At present, we see a very good demand for our recycled products, as it has surpassed all certification requirements. Most recycled products do not make it through the certification but with our production technology, we do not face this problem. I see a big opportunity for our recycled products which is a good balance between price and quality.”

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