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Filmop’s Polaris, a HACCP compliant bin, is handy and can be placed everywhere. It is the ideal for kitchens, restaurants, canteens and all the environments associated with food processing activities. It is completely made of polypropylene, strong and round-shaped for an easy cleaning.

It can be equipped with shock aborting pistons “Hush Systems” for a soft closing of the cover and with several accessories, such as a multipurpose plastic basket, a paper-roll holder and several different hooks to carry small cleaning tools. Since 2013 this bin has been certified “Plastic Second Life”, as it is made of recycled plastic materials, according to the Green Public Procurements environment policies.

The Polaris plastic bin comes in 90lt with pedal, push-bar, wheels 100mm and coloured cover. It also comes with bag holder of 2×45 L.

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