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Ready to reopen: Assessing problems and solutions

Praful Gupta, Vice President, Business Development, SMS Integrated Facility Services Pvt Ltd writes about SMS Immunoshield, a free-of-charge auditing tool for educational institutions to evaluate their readiness to reopen.

SMS Immunoshield covers 76 points including exterior & outdoor, common areas, classrooms, administration areas, washrooms, building upkeep & technical maintenance and compliance & governance. Schools can measure their readiness. A score card is generated; any school below a score of 60 needs assistance from professional FM companies to be ready to reopen. A few examples of the tool’s assessment:

Area Measure Question Solution
Exterior & Outdoor Hands-free system to allow access for building users exists for visitors/residents/ employees etc Does the building have hands-free access for building users? IOT Based Temperature Scanning + Aarogya Setu QR Code for triggering Access Control
Common Area & Reception Health data of all entrants to building/office recorded and shared with building manager through real-time dashboard Is there a real time analytics and health dashboard of all entrants to building/ office logged & maintained Enterprise Building Management System with Temperature, Access and Video Analytics for Capture & Control
Restrooms Negative air pressure to toilets. The restroom area has mechanical ventilation in order to provide negative air pressure? Duct Modification and AHU / FCU Logic Retro Commission
Building Upkeep & Technical Maintenance The openable window area in each occupied space is equivalent to 5% of the gross internal floor area of that room or floor plate. For room or floor plates between 7-15 m depth, the openable window area must be on opposite sides and evenly distributed across the area to promote adequate cross-ventilation. Is the surface of the windows that can be opened at least 5% of the floor space of the respective room? Civil modifications

For surface and space treatment, we ensure:

  • Spray Treatment on exposed surface of walls, furniture & other open surfaces
  • Use of ASPEE pump with flat fan nozzle
  • Extensive & complete sterilization of premises through cold fogging Usage of ASPEE Avenger or branded ULV cold fogger
  • ULV or Cold Fogging equipment use large volumes of air at low pressure and transform liquid into droplets that are dispersed into the environment
  • Droplet sizes are from 0 to 50 microns. Lesser the droplet size, lesser chemical and more area coverage
  • Starts fogging from one end corner, moving backwards towards the entrance and closure

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