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Work is work. Whether it is cleaning the floors or scrubbing the walls or for that matter, scaling heights to wipe the ceiling, Sonu’s team too works with the same dedication. Cleaning comes by choice to Sonu who is in this field for around three years now. Once at work, even reaching up the domes at the Delhi International Airport did not seem a task to his team. In fact, they worked out a strategy to get the best results.

So, when the Airport facility head asked them to clean up all the 14 domes on the same day, three of them loaded with, R2 solution, doodle bug scrubber, cleaning pad and spray can stood up the ladder from morning to evening and cleaned it all. These domes were never cleaned before and the airport authorities were more than pleased to have them all cleaned without any disruption and in a day’s time! This was all because of Sonu’s teamwork and guidance, say his janitors.

Receiving appreciation for a job well done is definitely most rewarding and receiving certification, especially from the airport authorities, is all the more encouraging.

TIPS for stains

Tar Removal

Scrape off as much tar as possible. Wet the area thoroughly with salad oil. Let remain or 24 hours. To Rinse: If the material is cotton or linen, wash the oil out in strong soap suds. If woolen or silk, wash the oil out with spirits of wine.

Ink from Ball Point Pen

Did ink from a ball point pen get on your clothes? Try a sponge soaked with milk and rub on the ink. It may take a couple of tries, but will work.

Coffee Stains

Mix the yolk of an egg with a little warm water. rub on the stain with a sponge. For stains that have been set in, add a few drops of alcohol to the egg and water. Nice, simple and safe way to remove stains. Doesn’t cost a bundle, either!

Glue Removal off Clothing

Use warm water and vinegar. Safe method for colored goods. Warm water will dissolve glue. Apply vinegar to a white fabric if stain is old.

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