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Re-Teck named founder and committee member of AEWRA

Underscoring its global commitment to advance e-waste process management and in doing so enabling circular economy processing of expensive components and materials that might otherwise be sent to landfill, Re-Teck has become a founder and committee member of the new All-India E-Waste Recycling Association. The organization is tasked with advancing the population’s understanding and use of recycling and re-use; bringing all e-waste recyclers and dismantlers onto a hard platform and cooperating with government on establishing and enforcing compliance.

“This new organization is a natural progression in every sense,” stated Pankaj Tirmanwar, Director, Re-Teck. “It’s because we’re not putting valuable materials and in some cases toxins back into the Earth. We are addressing demand for these materials with supply and it is natural because it represents the coming together of diverse groups with a singular, important mission.”

The new organization is headquartered in Bengaluru and was inaugurated by Central Pollution Control Board officers from that organization’s regional office. Though still in its second month of existence, the All-India E-Waste Association currently includes 45 of the 175 Registered Recyclers in India. “The goal of AEWRA is to eliminate e-waste and to make India greener and cleaner for everyone!” Tirmanwar continued. “Re-Teck is proud to play a founding role and I am confident that our team will make an immediate and lasting impact on the industry and the environment.”

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