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Quilon station goes for mechanised cleaning

Southern Railway plans to adopt mechanised cleaning at the Quilon railway station (Thiruvananthapuram Division) by outsourcing services to a cleaning company for a period of two years.

Speaking to Clean India Journal, Dr VN Mathur, Chief Medical Superintendent- Thiruvananthapuram division of Southern Railway said, “There is need to improve the standards of hygiene and cleanliness at stations and other areas like offices, platforms, waiting room, railway tracks, drains, water sinks/taps, washbasins in all platforms, bathrooms, toilets & urinals, passenger subways, FOB and trolley paths. The contract will also include disinfecting all water points, bathrooms, toilets, urinals, tracks and other locations within the station premises.”

Removal of the stains and spit marks from walls and other locations within station premises, regular cleaning of doors, windows, glass panels, aluminum partition & ventilators and proper disposal of collected garbage from station premises to the nominated locations are some of the other points highlighted by SR.

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