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Radiant Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd : ‘Quality Services with a Heart’

Sheldon SimonsWalk into any mall and the first thing to catch your eye is a janitor clad in Radiant Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd uniform. One of the most critical components of TFM is the Soft Services, as it is more visible compared to Technical Services. With the sole mission to provide Quality Service with skilled and proud workforce, Managing Director Sheldon Simons has built an empire of 6500 housekeeping staff in the last 14 years.

The janitors who joined Radiant a decade ago have grown to become DGMs and are managing properties across the country. Achieving such a far reaching goal is a result of motivation, strict monitoring, training and career growth opportunities offered by Radiant.

“Hiring, training and retaining housekeeping Staff is always a challenge in India,” said Sana’a Kazi, BD & HR. “Focussing on “Quality Services with a heart”, we have been very particular about our blue-collar staff. A strategy is in place for recruiting people for housekeeping and a team goes out of its way to educate them of their duties. They are inducted, trained and introduced to housekeeping, the products used, various coding systems and the methods to be followed. A dedicated trainer makes sure that every new employee is well versed in every activity. We allocate duties as per their location of residence only to ensure that they report to work daily and in time.”

Attrition is a part of the service industry but retaining staff against all odds has been Radiant’s success model. “Our attrition levels are fairly under control in comparison to others. We try to curb attrition by making sure the satisfaction levels of the employees are high. We do a lot of internal promotions. A person joining Radiant as a janitor does not remain a janitor forever. Keeping the performance in mind, the hand-picked workers are trained to rise to the next level. This is part of the ‘Employee Development Programme’.”

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” ]We are here to make a difference and want to make our customers understand that Quality comes with a price, and that innovation is the name of the game. Technology is what is going to take us in the next level.        
– Sheldon Simons[/box]

Cleaning Floor - Radiant2“While Radiant grows we also make sure that our employees grow along with us. This is why the employees feel that they are an integral part of the company,” said Sheldon Simons. There are multiple instances where Radiant employees have returned high value networth of items back to Customers, be it Jewellery showrooms, Food courts, Malls, or Washrooms. Radiant has multiple instances to prove that the integrity of staff has been displayed at Clients premises.

Over the years, Radiant has become a leading housekeeping services provider in all the major areas, be it retail chains, automobile showrooms, malls, international schools, premium residential areas healthcare and education.


Cleaning Floor - Radiant3Now, as part of the OCS India, Radiant has effectively enveloped international practices. Radiant has a system of tracking the number of hours spent in training. The trainings are periodic and mandatory for everyone before being deployed on site. There are different levels of training and these levels shift from standard to high. Also Radiant believes in imparting customized training to the employees as per the requirement of the clients. “For example, the staff is trained to deal with elderly and specially-abled children who visit the malls. Most of the janitors come from a not so comfortable environment and it is a challenge to educate them on their conduct.”

The motto is to build the best team, equip them with the best tools and deliver to our Customers & Clients world class, error free services throughout India and Overseas.

Customer Delight

“We are extremely conscious of customer delight and satisfaction. Our employees are equally very important to us. We know that our staff members have to be happy if we want them to deliver. Hence the contract we enter into ensures complete compliance and brand value. It is not about just doing business. We have turned down contracts that do not meet the criteria of compliances or damages our brand value. Every client has made what Radiant is today. “

Quality vs Cost effectiveness

Cleaning Floor - Radiant4Good quality comes at a price and it is based on the extent one is ready to pay the price. “If a customer is paying a premium price, we make sure that he receives four times more value out of it. That is what makes us different! Today, every customer is Quality conscious. This has given rise to a market that looks for high standard. With technological advancements, clients now understand the combination of man and machine. Many clients are ready to experiment and even willing to pay that extra amount for green and eco-friendly products.”

Future Plans

Radiant is looking at strongly growing in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, aviation and education Sectors.

“Servicing retail premises is challenging. The footfalls are much higher and the nature of traffic varies unlike that of a corporate or a standard office. To master the processes, we have conducted thorough research which has resulted in Radiant being a pioneer in the segment.

“Besides retail, there are a lot of manufacturing facilities serviced by us. In Gujarat again, clients are cost conscious but with the entry of multinational companies the need for good housekeeping practices is much pronounced.

Being part of OCS

Cleaning Floor - Radiant5“It has been a wonderful experience working with OCS, which has similar values. We have the same heart where employees are concerned, the same commitment for clients and the same thought process for delivery of Services. Radiant has benefitted a lot with this venture because we are learning through a company that has been in this business for over a 100 years. This association brings in a lot of expertise, ideas and best practices which help us improve our performance in India.

“In future, we are looking forward to becoming a complete TFM company, with a difference, where we would focus on Quality and have a self-delivery model.

“The new government initiatives towards cleanliness are encouraging and everyone is already exploring, with confidence. It is going to be a brilliant opportunity and a turning point for all of us and I’m looking forward to some good things happening to the industry and the public. A sea change all around.”

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