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Quality, performance & budget-friendly cleaning chemicals

What features do institutional customers want in cleaning chemicals? According to Vanchinathan Sivaswamy, Head Sales – SAARC, Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd, the common response would be stable-supply, high- quality, safe, efficient and sustainable products from a known brand.

The main considerations are:

  • Product performance: Do more with little
  • Safe ingredients: Products you can trust in
  • Better quality: Brands consumers believe in
  • Pocket-friendly: Aiming for cost benefit

Ideally, any purchase made by an institution should be supported by comprehensive review, since one is investing valuable company resources. Often, businesses will have set budgets for all costs, including cleaning supplies. No business wants to spend too much money on cleaning products alone.

Even so, it does not make much sense to spend on subpar products that are less expensive but ineffective. An institution should ideally look for cleaning company partners that offer the most value at the most affordable cost. For a supply of consistently good quality, you can also consider trustworthy and high-grade Made-in-India solutions like ours.

Some cleaning products are environment-friendly, but most are not. As a result, an institution may find them a little on the pricey side. Going green, however, might be beneficial, especially if institutions are looking for methods to make an organisational contribution to environmental protection. Also, it is a great way to impress clients and customers by projecting the image that a business cares about the environment. Due to their shared commitment to the environment, some customers may choose to work with such a company.

Treating all cleaning solutions similarly is one of the biggest mistakes institutions make. There are options for both domestic and commercial use when choosing cleaning supplies for an institution; always go with an industrial or commercial alternative. Commercial cleaning supplies have much more strength and are designed primarily for cleaning hard surfaces. Some are also specially approved for use in food processing, while others are developed for use in healthcare institutions. Choose a commercial product that meets the needs of your industry the best.

Our core focus is on R3: Revisit – Realign – Reinforce.

Revisit: To understand the buyers’ requirement
  • Buyers’ perspective would be on value creation, where they are interested in the cost of ownership. They will choose the right partner who can support them in this attribute.
  • They will be highly inclined towards optimising operating costs
  • Best quality products, timely delivery, at best operating cost would be the need of the buyer
Realign: To realign the solutions that can be offered
  • ‘Bottom-to-top’ approach will support bringing alignment in the actual requirement of Capex and Opex
  • Leasing and per square foot cost optimisation will be the core focus of the buyer
  • Single window solution provider will be preferred
Reinforce: Customised solutions with highest standard of quality & quantity
  • Best quality with quantity assurance
  • Solutions with new age approach
  • High end technology with sustainability
  • Out of the box solutions
  • Availability and accessibility with high expertise will be in demand

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