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Quality Control requirements in the Food Processing Industry

Food processing industry calls for high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. It has strict laid guidelines to minimize the risk levels and bringing down the levels of unacceptable microbial contaminants.

Food companies are obliged to ensure that their products are safe and in good condition when they reach the market place and, in so, doing, to minimize the risks of the products becoming contaminated along the way. There are a number of potential vectors for food products to become contaminated, including:

• Raw materials – used during the production

• People – for example, food handlers and equipment operators

• The environment – during processing, storage or distribution

To ensure the strict standards, proper and specific cleaning tools and equipment are used in the premises. Professional cleaning chemicals play an important role in maintaining the strict requirements with its sanitizing and disinfecting effects to keep the pathogens under control at the same time not effecting or contaminating the food products itself.



Forbes Pro-Clean Technology Solutions has a range of chemicals exactly suited for this requirement. Partnering with Sutter Professionals (Italy) which has a 150 year experience in designing and producing world class chemical solutions for a variety of sectors like food processing, manufacturing, hospitality, etc. we intend to deliver safe and hygienic solutions for every industry. A food processing premise is divided into production area and non- production area where their cleaning requirements vary hence the chemicals would also differ in application and use.



Solutions in a Non Production Area

The non-productive area includes raw material storage, outside premises, admin offices and final product storage.

In these areas, the required levels of hygiene are comparatively lower as compared to the production areas. We could use all-purpose chemicals like A Mela, Plural Plus, WC Rein, Hand washes for the admin areas floors, glasses/facades and toilets respectively. Areas where disinfectants are required like storage areas, washrooms, dining areas could be catered by Onda and Cuat 88.

The most part of these products is also  available  in a  Ecolabel   certified version, hence it guarantees  environment  protection.All chemicals could be used with standard  cleaning
machines   like single disk machines and auto scrubber driers.



Solutions for the Production Areas

These areas are classified for level 1 requirement of cleanliness and hygiene. This cannot be sufficed by regular or ordinary cleaning agents. The cleaning agents need to be HACCP certified to be used in the production areas. Cuat 88 Food (degreasing disinfectant), SF 230 (foaming degreaser chlorine based), SF 300 (chlorine based degreaser), SF 100/110 (powerful degreaser), Sf 210 (degreaser for ovens), sf120 (heavy duty degreaser) are precisely used as a disinfectant and heavy degreasers for cleaning food processing equipment during batch changes effectively and hygienically by not interfering with the actual food being processes. All the S.F. products (S= Sutter F= food) have no perfume and no color to avoid any possible contamination of foods, and are particularly easy to rinse.






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