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Qatar housekeepers inch towards a bedding dream

Qatar Housekeepers Association’s latest monthly networking session was with Eva Maraia, CEO – Muhldofer (Germany). 48 leading Hotel Directors of Housekeeping/ Executive Housekeepers/Managers attended this event. Maraia shared her vision of ‘bedding to dream and re-energize your body secrets’.

Founded in 1920, Mühldorfer is a leading manufacturer of high-quality down and fibre bedding for top-class hotels across the globe. Filled with hand-picked down and washed in the calcium-free mountain spring waters of the Bavarian Forest, the aim of their products is to offer ‘The very best in all things bedding’.

The Qatar Housekeepers Association is growing at a steady pace, as Qatar gets ready for FIFA 2022. Its delegates participated in Asian Housekeeping Association events in Colombo and Agra. Prabhat Shukla – Director of Housekeeping, Intercontinental Doha The City, said: “Housekeepers become more savvy after attending such events, since platforms like AHA provide them with confidence and a voice, which they deserve.”

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