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Punjab’s project for pure water

Villages across Muktsar district, Punjab can now safely drink water without fear of it being contaminated. The villages are being provided with potable water in cans for a nominal price through a community-based safe drinking water project commissioned in the district. The Hyderabad-based Naandi Foundation runs the project called the Shudh Jal Pariyojna project. The project aims to turn hard groundwater into potable water using reverse osmosis (RO) technology provided by Tata Project Limited. With the state government contributing Four Crore, treatment centres have been set up on land provided by the local panchayats.

Gidderbaha subdivision in Muktsar only had access to drinking water laced with a high content of totally dissolved solids (TDS) with inorganic salts and sulfates. Moreover, the Government drinking water schemes that used outdated sand-filter method carried water that was toxic. The Shudh Jal Pariyojna project provides a liter of treated water for 10paise for domestic use and 15paise for commercial use.

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