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Pumping Mechanised Cleaning in Public Areas

As part of the Clean India Technology Week, Clean India Journal team in partnership with Sanjay Maintenance Services organized a massive cleanliness campaign. Roadshows were held at Churchgate station and KEM hospital, Mumbai. With operations carried out by 12 and 20 membered teams of SMS at the locations from January 18-20, the Roadshows are aimed to spread the importance of mechanised cleaning & hygiene at public places and simultaneously, a positive & sophisticated image of having clean surrounding by demonstrating the same.

A TEAM OF professionals conducted a deep mechanised cleaning of washrooms at Churchgate station and KEM Hospital with state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning agents.

The Roadshows have been applauded for their commitment to making a meaningful contribution to the betterment of cleaning & hygiene at public places. DRMBRT Shailendra Kumar said, “The Clean India team cleaned washrooms at Churchgate Station on January 18th night and kept it maintained for the next two days. The difference they had made through mechanised cleaning was clearly visible. Mechanised cleaning is essential for places that are fitted with marbles and tiles.”

Sanjay Maintenance Services MD Sanjay Khanvilkar said, “It is a great initiative. Such initiatives are in line with our CSR initiatives. It was a great opportunity and experience to work towards the betterment of society.”

“In past also, we have conducted Roadshows at Railway Stations and Bus Depos and Clean India Journal will continue to organise such Roadshows in different parts of the country promoting mechanised cleaning which is the only way to improve the standards at public places. Also, we urge each and every citizen to cooperate by not littering and dirtying public areas,” said Mangala Chandran, Director-VIS Group.

Public spaces like Churchgate and KEM demand deep cleaning on regular basis. Adequate hygiene level at such spaces can only be maintained through a disciplined and methodical approach. Being the southernmost station of Mumbai, it attracts the working class from all parts of the city. An average of 5.05 lakh passengers travelling per day, makes Churchgate the 5th busiest station in Mumbai. This prominent junction has been a home to the banking and business organizations as well as renowned educational institutions that are situated in South Mumbai.

Situated at Parel, 1800 bedded KEM hospital treats about 1.8 million out-patients and 78,000 in-patients annually and provides both basic care and advanced treatment facilities in all fields of medicine and surgery.[doptg id=”6″]

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