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Key points:

Concentrated carpet cleaning liquid that quickly cleans the carpet
• Easy and friendly to use
• Useful for all types of washable carpet
• Pleasant fragrance
• Anti-bacterial formula
• Maintains the quality of carpet for long
• Made in India

Directions to use:
Dilute up to 0.5% to 1% of shampoo in water and make the mixture. Apply the mixture to clean the carpet by machine or by manually. Apply the concentrated carpet shampoo directly on the spot.

RENSLIGHET Hand Sanitiser without Fragrance

RENSLIGHET Hand Sanitizer is a skin friendly FDA approved viscous liquid effective against bacteria’s to protect your hands in regular routine use.

Directions for use:

• Use 2-3ml of RENSLIGHET hand sanitizer on clean and dry palm.
• Rub briskly to dry
• Take a coin sized drop on your palm
• Spread sanitizer and rub palms together
• Rub tips of each hand with palm of other hand
• Rub hands together until they are dry


1) Bactericidal
2) Sporicidal
3) Fungicidal
4) Virucidal

It can be used in Hospitals, Household Uses, Food Industry, Restaurants, and Hotels.


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