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Pulire Verona sets new record

Pulire 2017 ended on an extremely positive note, with overall growth in terms of visitors of +6.6% (increasing from 15,136 to 16,144); an increase in foreign visitors, which exceeded all expectations, with growth of 20.5% (going from 4,034 to 4,863), with the overall number of international visitors at 30.2%.

pulire 2017 was exactly what we wanted it to be — the most wonderful edition,” says Toni D’Andrea, CEO of Afidamp Servizi. “One needed only to walk among the stands of the 300 exhibitors to pick up on a feeling of great satisfaction and optimism, which is the greatest reward for the hard work that the entire Afidamp staff has carried out so enthusiastically.”

“Pulire 2017 was the show of affirmation and discovery,” added D’Andrea. “The renewed success of Pulire Outdoor, with a larger, further enhanced space, the innovations in Hall-6 (confirmed for 2019 as well) and, for the first time, the presence of many foreign delegations from all over the world, which met exhibitors during various events that led to new business relationships. To sum up, all of these factors allow us to look forward to the 2019 edition of the show with enthusiasm.”

Pulire 2.2 had a wide array of events and, most importantly, three international conferences. One was dedicated to the role of women as a driver of innovation in the services industry while the other two focused on themes having to do with the environment and the circular economy. These conferences brought the foremost experts on these topics to Verona. These are themes that will be taken on again in-depth during Forum Pulire, which will take place in Milan next year in October at the Unicredit Pavilion. That isn’t to mention the many exciting themed events that enlivened the stands and brought enjoyment to visitors. All of this in an atmosphere that was ever more digital. In fact, the use of the app increased compared to the previous edition, demonstrating the appreciation people have for the strategic aspect of this tool.

But Pulire is also a showcase for excellence. The show featured the tenth edition of the Innovation prize. Diversey Care’s Taski Swingobot 2000 won the Pulire Verona Innovation award. While, two products of Karcher were shortlisted finalists for Innovation award – AFG 100 air purifier that works on self-regulation and dependent on local air quality featuring three-stage filtration and Connected Cleaning fleet management system which keeps track of where and when a floor cleaning machine is working, when the batteries need to be charged and how long the operator needs to clean an area.

The Afidamp “Historic Businesses” award was given to Afidamp’s historic partners: Comac, Dulevo, Filmop, VDM and Raines. There was also the first “Henry Unger Trophy” won by Andrea Antonelli. He won for being the fastest window cleaner in Italy.

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