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Professional machines for perfect cleaning

The Indian market holds tremendous potential for cleaning equipment with improving standards of cleaning. Despite global crisis and low labour costs in India the demand for professional cleaning solutions and mechanised cleaning is growing. RCM SpA, manufacturer of floor cleaning machines, has been supplying machines in India through an import deal with Inventa Cleantech Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi.

“We have been working with Inventa for around eight years, which has a wide network of distributors around India. RCM range of industrial sweepers and scrubber dryers are suitable for any kind of purpose, including heavy duty. These strong and highly reliable machines are user and maintenance-friendly.

“We are targeting sectors which require professional machines for a perfect cleaning: any kind of industry, production plants and heavy industry, logistic and warehouses as well as facility management and cleaning contractors,” said Roberto Raimondi.

Unlike other markets, Roberto Raimondi feels the Indian market has more professional users and has an understanding of quality. There is always demand for professional tools. “We see the growing demand for our products. But this is still the beginning. We are evaluating the possibility of setting office in India and as well as starting production of some models locally.”

The RCM machines are market oriented and have flexible production processes to meet the specific requirement of any single customer.

“We are in constant touch with Inventa to solve eventual problems coming from the peculiarity of the working conditions in India. RCM is represented all over the world through a network of more than 100 importers,” he said.

RCM is producing a complete range of industrial sweepers (17 models in different version), scrubber-dryers (nine models in different versions) and urban street sweepers (two models). The range is constantly improvised on and new models have been introduced in the market in 2008: Byte, entry level walk behind scrubber-dryer; Elan, small compact ride-on scrubber-dryer; Slalom, ride-on sweeper for inside use; Atom SA, compact ride-on sweeper with hydraulic high-dumping and Patrol, road sweeper for urban environment.

RCM will be showcasing all the products at Clean India Pulire in Mumbai in November 2009. “We are considering this exhibition one of the most important in 2009, ready to take the challenge and be successful also in the ‘incredible’ India.” RCM SpA was founded in 1967 by the three brothers Renzo, Roberto and Romolo Raimondi and comes by a previous company founded by their father, Romeo Raimondi, which was previously producing diesel engines.

RCM SpA still belongs to the family Raimondi and now the third generation is taking the lead of the company.

The President of RCM SpA is still Roberto Raimondi; the general manager in charge is Riccardo Raimondi (his son) and the Board of Directors includes Raffaella Raimondi (accounting and human resources manager), Raffaele Raimondi (technical manager) and Raimondo Raimondi (marketing manager and responsible for the Spanish branch).

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