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Meeting Challenges With New Solutions

There is always a challenge when it comes to keeping a high traffic area like the Indian Railways clean and well maintained. And yes, it is definitely possible with the right technology, right processes, mechanization and digitalization. Following the Clean Rail Conference 2022, Clean India Journal has put together few of the broad-based technologies and solutions to address some of the pressing issues. These include on-board train cleaning & maintenance, fresh laundry for commuters, platform cleaning & maintenance, track cleaning, train washing with minimal water, managing waste, water treatment and more.

Six different solutions that are applicable in multiple areas not only in the railways but in similar premises that face similar challenges. The article in the following pages is a synopsis of the challenges and solutions that when implemented will take the Indian Railways closer to its goals of providing a clean experience to its commuters.

1) Is 100% Mechanisation of Railway Cleaning Practical?

2) Aqueous Ozone – Cleaning without Chemicals

3) Disbarring Rodents as Co-passengers

4) Sustainable Surface Cleaning

5) Rental Linen & Laundry Model

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