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Prevention is better than cure

Drain Doctor is specialized in unclogging 2” to 4” diameter drain lines right from an inspection service where one can see the results visually to actually identifying the nature and location of the clogging and thereafter removing the clog with the help of professional tools and technicians.

Drain clogging is common, further maintenance of the drain line is very important. Cannon Hygiene provides multiple solutions for further maintenance of the drain lines after the Drain Doctor operation. Like Auto Janitors, Urinal screens along our latest innovation, Cannon-Flo Bio block Cartridge and Cannon-Flo Drain grills.…


[box type=”shadow” ]What is Cannon Flo Bio-Block Cartridge?


Cannon Flo Bio-Block Cartridge

Urinal Sanitising System

12321Reduces the build-up of lime scale deposits in drain lines
Reduces the build-up of uric salts in drain lines
Reduces overall water usage and sewage costs 20% to 30%

Benefits to the customer

dotsRemoval of odours behind the urinal bowl
Environmentally Friendly
Reduced maintenance costs
No need for expensive and time consuming renovations.


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Cannon Flo Drain Grills

What is Cannon Flo Drain Grills?

High quality drainage grille that includes the unique Cannon-Flo one way valve.

Easily retrofits the majority of internal waste sizes for floor drains and waste water gullies.

Available in 2“, 4“ and 6“ sizes.

Perfect for

dotsShower areas
Wet rooms
Waste water run-offs
Many more…


Cannon Drain doctor at 09324682886 or write to us at shiva@cannonhygiene.in.

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