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You have just launched S30. Which are the industries you are targetting in India?

The S30 is a mid sized power sweeper that is applicable in almost every industry from Cement and Steel to Food & Beverage and Warehouse/ Distribution. It is capable of handling fine dust as well as heavy debris and is very versatile. It is a cost effective way for Indian companies to maintain a healthy and clean facility for its employees.

What are the innovative features of this equipment?

The S30 applies a revolutionary cyclone filter system as well as a nano-fibre third stage canister filter that filters down to 0.5 microns at 99% efficiency. This system is not only effective, it is also very easy and economical to maintain. There is also a proprietary II-speed sweep system that enables the S30 to sweep both fine dust in places like cement plants and mills but heavy debris from steel plants and warehouses as well.

Does the equipment come in different models?

The main brush is 1145mm but the sweeping path can be expanded up to 2030mm with the use of dual side brushes. The S30 also comes with a 4-wheel model that allows it to sweep at a faster speed for outdoor applications.

What are the other advantages of this equipment in the ‘Indian condition’?

In many of our emerging markets, factories tend to be very large, while labour cost is relatively low. However, with labour intensive cleaning, the result is often inconsistent and there are frequent HR issues to handle. With mechanization, while the initial investment may be a little high, the results are far better. For India, the S30 is a workhorse that not only provides high productivity, but it is also easy to operate and maintain. It is built with safety in mind and has a fibre-reinforced composite cover that is easy to clean and restore if damaged. What this means to Indian companies is that you will see improved environment for better morale and hence productivity of their workers. It will also help give a strong positive image for the companies to foreign and local clients or partners, which is always very good for business.

What are Tennant’s plans for India?

Tennant believes in building innovative and durable products. Also important is the right local support. We have partnered with Godrej & Boyce, which is a highly respected and reliable company in India. With its extensive reach throughout India, we believe we have the right partner to provide strong after sales service to our customers. India is a growing economy and as the lives of the people improve with prosperity, we want to be a part of all Indian companies that care for their environment and for their employees.

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