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Marketing and brand messaging is crucial for FM marketers who are trying to gain new business as well as build lasting relationships with existing customers in the current scenario. Tarun Sibal, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, OCS Group India, one of the premium FM service providers in the Aviation, Data Centres, Manufacturing, Logistics & Warehousing, and Premium Residential space, writes about potentially important changes in customer behaviour, which ultimately affects the marketing strategy.

  •  Input-based to outcome based contracts: With ongoing pressure to reduce operating costs, organizations today are evaluating their operating model. Their approach to outsourcing has broadened as they begin to view FM service providers as strategic partners. A recent poll carried out by us on LinkedIn showed that 92% of respondents feel outcome/SLA-based contracts are better, have clear performance and help save more money. We also see employee well-being, motivation, happiness and success emerging as key emotional needs. This gradual shift from functional to emotional response is what FM companies need to cash in on and market solutions and services that will help clients objectively validate and measure KPIs.
  • Growing remote workforce: The current pandemic is changing the way organizations and people operate at the workplace. Hot desks, activity-based workstations and remote login capability now make up for the flexible workforce movement. As the workplace continues to evolve in the new normal, facility managers are now constantly adapting to their new role as workspace administrators. Digital solutions like access control systems, automated thermal cameras, face mask detection using AI, room sensors and mass compliance systems now form a crucial part of the brand messaging campaigns and communication to employees and visitors, that the spaces they access are safe and inspire confidence.
  • Shift of focus from infrastructure to employee well-being: FM companies now need to market and showcase solutions that lay more emphasis on employee well-being rather than infrastructure. Understanding the new needs and offering solutions which portray a safe workplace is important to build confidence, reduce anxiety, and instill motivation and security at the workplace. Questions like – ‘How can we put safety first?’; ‘Would the washroom be clean and safe to use in my office or plant?’; ‘What do employees need to feel safe and confident?’ will help FM companies map their solutions and communicate and market them accordingly.
  • Rethink the playbook for the new normal: FM companies will need to rework on their brand strategy to stand out in the cluttered market and create a niche for themselves. Integrating digital solutions into their brand elements is critical to differentiate themselves, compete effectively, provide reliable and efficient service and ensure success in the current competitive market scenario.

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