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Portable air disinfection technology destroys microorganisms in a single pass

Trivector Feat

Uses atmospheric cold plasma against PM and VOC as well

Trivector Biomed LLP has a range of portable air disinfection devices that use Novaerus’ plasma technology against a variety of airborne contaminants.


  • DBD (Dielectric Barrier Discharge) atmospheric cold plasma destroys the microorganism at DNA/RNA level with a single pass within nanoseconds, without giving it an opportunity to mutate or replicate.
  • Also removes particulate matter and volatile organic compounds
  • No harmful by-products of discharge are released in the air.
  • Air coming out of the machine is medically safe to be consumed by the room occupants.
  • Portable, silent, consume very low electricity and virtually maintenance free throughout the life-cycle.
  • Uses no chemicals, no filters, no lamps or cartridges and there are no parts to be serviced or replaced. Can be used 24X7 around human-beings for years.


  • In healthcare set-ups like Covid ICUs, NICUs, paediatric wards, general wards, isolation rooms.
  • In closed rooms with AHU, rooms with positive/negative pressure or partially ventilated rooms.
  • For home-isolation, schools and offices


  • SARS-CoV-2, Tuberculosis, Influenza, Measles, C-Diff, MRSA, Aspergillus, Norovirus, E-Coli etc are proven to be reduced up to 99.99% within a short time.
  • US-FDA approved as Class II medical technology. Certified with CE, UL, KTL, ISO etc.

Specifications Protect-200: Coverage up to 100 sq ft (8 ft height), one plasma coil, fixed fan speed, zero maintenance, portable, table/wall mountable, 15 watt electricity consumption. Protect-800: Coverage up to 300 sq ft, two plasma coils with two-speed fan, no maintenance, portable, wall/ceiling mountable, 25 watt electricity consumption. Defend-1050: Coverage up to 1000 sq ft, six plasma coils with five speed fan + Pre-filter + HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon Filter, filters need to be replaced at regular intervals depending on the bio-burden, 150 watt electricity consumption, portable on castor wheels, can be moved into other rooms.

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