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Pest Repeller for Commercial Areas

Ahmedabad based Prompt Pest Control Equipments has introduced Duo Pro Pest Repeller with its model LS-927M, which consists of two efficient high frequency generators, transducer and dual speakers, to drive rodents and insects away electronically. The device is suitable for using in offices, warehouses, server rooms, IT Hubs, restaurants, hotels, malls, factory, flats, hospitals, store rooms, laboratory, pharma, dairy, residence or any other indoor area

Ultrasonic sound waves attack the auditory and nervous systems of most common pests causing them pain and discomfort. With up to 135 decibels of sound pressure, pests will give up their source of food, water and shelter and move on. These high-intensity sound waves are out of the range of hearing of human beings and most household pets.

The machine will not interfere with televisions, radios, electronic burglar alarms, fire or smoke detectors, pacemakers, hearing aids or other electronic equipment. It will also not harm plants.

Its other attributes are

  1. Environmentally safe, no toxic chemicals, sprays, powers or messy traps
  2. Harmless to humans and most household pets
  3. Exclusive switch for Duo, Trans, Ultra and Test mode setting
  4. Stops pests from producing any possible immunity
  5. Effective in controlling mice, rats, roaches, fleas, etc.
  6. Built-in LED indicators to confirm proper operation
  7. Works all day and is energy efficient
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