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[box type=”shadow” ]CLR Facility Services Private Limited is a full spectrum Integrated Facilities Management company providing Facility Management, Contract Staffing, and HR Solutions. It is ISO 9001:2015 & OHSAS 18001- 2007 certified. Gaurav Pathak, Director, CLR Facility Services Pvt Ltd speaks to Clean India Journal. [/box]

What has been the success story behind CLR?

CLR started with a single seven staff member contract back in 2002, success for us came with consistent performance there by client taking us to various cities and expansion began rapidly. We are now nearing 15000 employees, having 14 full offices and 80+ remote locations. We believe that everything is achievable by having faith in our services and hard work. In our case, the passion was to provide world class and cutting-edge facility management solutions to our prospects across India. This passion was fuelled by the high magnitude of planning and hard work that the entire team has put in the venture. We have successfully demonstrated that Indian companies can also be as efficient as any other international company when it comes to facility management.

CLR focus on direct contracts and shedding its subcontract model from 2010 has also helped us improved margins and giving us an upper-hand vis-à-vis competitors. We owe our humble success to our hard-working team and our gracious clients equally, and we promise to keep on delivering the quality work in the times to come. We provide world class service to the local markets. Our founding business principal is think local act global. We provide cutting edge and latest facility management services to our clients.

A brief on the services offered by CLR, the sectors serviced, the company approach, staff strengthtraining- retention strategies, etc.

CLR now practically serves all sectors right from hospitals, malls, manufacturing, government PSU’s, we have a training division called CLR skills training foundation, our own seven training centres, digital platform that gives various modules of training in all local languages in staff mobile thru its app. The same training team conducts various motivational programs at sites and helps the company in retention of the staff.

In the changing and evolving phases of Facility Management in India, how far do you think the corporate segment is ready for digitization of processes?

We think the corporates are ready for digitalization and to shed manpower based contracts. To implement SLA based contract, it is essential to have right IT and digitalization in hand and CLR has already implemented its own app since last six months which works for training, record meetings with clients, visit reports and work completed formats. On the technical side, CLR has automated cloud based BMS monitoring system. We take great pride in our own IT team which has helped us in moving towards being the industry leader. We think the way forward for us is to think and automate all our back office operations and thereby reducing the cost for the clients.

How do you handle challenges and critical situations?

Critical situations arise very rarely at client places as already there are many back-up system designed and integrated by them. But when they do arise, our team offers the needed support. We have gone that extra mile in various situations like FIRE at site, flooding in IT parks, blackouts and even during demonitization where we had to support to procure food and ration. Due to this client service, we have a client retention rate of 98% year on year.

How do you perceive the FM industry growth in the next two years?

We are already on full throttle and recently acquired three great companies in our portfolio thereby making ourselves leaders in western India. We are looking for same in south and north India. We will remain focused on our core activities of facility management services and do not have any plans to expand in any other field.

FM industry post GST is moving towards the right direction. Companies are reducing number of vendors; small vendors are not able to meet GST cash flows there by indirectly increasing our business. We see great growth in vendor consolidation and good vendors getting great demand in the next 12-24 months.

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