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Peregrine, Tenon Group Reshaping Security into Intelligent Environments

The security industry has largely evolved, from just guarding, to transforming facilities into secure and efficient environments with intelligent technologies. Speaking of manufacturing facilities, which are largely spread across acres with thousands of people and vehicular traffic passing through its premises at any given time, can be challenging when it comes to maintaining security. What are those algorithms that work on the alert buttons? Or those automated vigils that track every movement? How do all these multi-perception technologies integrate security? Read on…

Convergence of security systems through various applications and cloud-based solutions has now found its way into asset security as well. The usage of tech-based security solutions is significant to manufacturing facilities, especially as units today are remotely located and engaging in round-the-clock production.

Moreover, lately the concept of multiple manual guarding points is fading, giving way to integrated secure systems that are being preferred. When it comes to Peregrine, the security services brand of Tenon Group, operating at the 10-acre property of JK Lakshmi Cement’s Durg unit in Madhya Pradesh, with 50 guards eyeing the significant portion of the region intelligently.

Geographically located in the midst of the forest area, the Durg manufacturing plant has over 2,000 people walking in and out of the premises daily. Everything about security begins with curtailing unauthorised entry and access, right from the main gate to various demarcated areas. Infiltration from nearby forests is a visible threat in this area.

Monitoring the entry and exit of 2,000 people to the premises daily based on the work rosters is now managed through the Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Attendance Monitoring System (AMS). This is installed at the gate and captures every entry and exit timing of the people accessing the premises. The Peregrine team, consisting of security officers, supervisors and inspectors, is well-trained and able to smoothly monitor with the AMS in place. In keeping with today’s requirement, the AMS enables access to real-time data on employee work movement as well.

Strategically positioned, the Peregrine team keeps a check on intrusions from the forests, while doing security checks on different levels to restrict entry and access of unauthorised personnel to plant areas and other restricted areas.

Similar to every factory, the Durg cement plant also witnesses a large amount of vehicle traffic moving in and out with raw materials and finished products. The Vehicle Monitoring System (VMS) has been installed wherein the process of recording each and every detail of the vehicle along with vendor information is automated and requires minimal human intervention.

As a backup, the Peregrine team maintains physical records of entry and exit of these vehicles as well. Aspects like authorised vehicle entry are executed through Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) and RFID-based inventory management, done at the entry.

Thus, the tech-enabled Peregrine team that has been providing security services at JK Lakshmi Cement is more intelligently inclined in crowd management, tour monitoring systems, incident management & freighting, doing vigilance checks and above all, providing a secure, safe and efficient environment.

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