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Penmaker Luxor diversifies into cleaning solutions

Luxor Group, India’s leading writing instruments manufacturer and exporter, has ventured into making cleaning solutions. The company unveiled a new range, Luxor Nano Clean, which is based on Nanotechnology. Luxor Nano Clean (Cleaners and Protectors) are solutions without detergents and harmful chemicals.The products have a property of impregnation (protector) element attached to them.

The unique products provide two in one benefits of both cleaning and also protecting the surfaces. In a press note, Chairman & President DK Jain, has said, “Nanotechnology is all about going small on size and huge on performance. In the last quarter century, nanotechnology has penetrated in every field of science. Armed with this technology and a realization of what it can lead to, Luxor decided to revolutionise the cleaning products industry.”

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