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PCI ‘Green’ storage techniques

PCI, the pioneer in pest management since 1954 has tied up with GrainPro Inc, USA to bring cost effective ‘Green’ storage technique to India. The system is based on “hermetic storage” technique that keeps commodities free of infestation, whilst preserving physical qualities such as nutritional value, colour, aroma, moisture content & germination capacity of the seed. Unlike other pest management methods, including fumigation which are curative and not preventive, the hermetic storage system does both, providing the added advantage of preserving insect-free stock for much longer durations without the use of pesticides or fumigants which often leave residues in the stock.

Consumer demand for organic produce, free of chemicals and insects is fueling the push towards such alternative technologies for the protection of stored grain. The remarkable aspects of the hermetic storage systems branded Coccoon™ and SuperGrainBag are their simplicity and ease of application, using nature to cure its own problem! For example, when infested grain is enclosed in such a Coccoon, the insects deplete the existing oxygen through their breathing, replacing the space with carbon dioxde and eventually creating such a low oxygen environment that it becomes impossible for them survive. The special material used prevents any further ingress of oxygen from entering the enclosed space, keeping it in equilibrium and free of any infestation for very long periods of time. This also helps keep the quality of the product intact.

Cocoons™ can store commodities even without extensive infrastructure, mechanical devices, and electricity. They can be easily and safely installed both indoors and out. They are made of specially manufactured ultra-violet resistant PVC, airtight membranes and fitted with extruded zipper fasteners. Capacities range from 5MT to larger than 1000 tonnes, competing cost effectively with all current storage systems.

GrainPro Inc. USA is the only company in the world that manufactures and sells these gas-tight hermetic storage systems with worldwide distribution and manufacturing in Subic, Philippines. These products are currently being used in more than 40 countries by different government agencies, private firms and farmers.

Storage in the subtropical countries like India is a challenging task, with losses due to infestation, rodents, discolouration, moulds, breakage, aroma and germination loss becoming unacceptably high. Cocoons & SuperGrainBags can prevent and reduce these losses, allowing for long-term storage of commodity for six months or more thus providing the ability to market stocks when trade prices are more favourable. For large storage requirements, the Cocoon is the most feasible option whereas for small storage from 50kg to 1000kg SuperGrainBags are more appropriate.

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