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Partnering for Cleaning Excellence

Offering training expertise to ACE

“I am not over-exaggerating when I say that with the opening of ACE, we are setting up the starting point of the future of the cleaning industry in India. Innovation also requires education; it is in Filmop’s DNA to educate people. Almost every week, we organise training sessions somewhere in the world, to enhance the quality of cleaning worldwide. This new academy stands for the same things as Filmop –educate people, train them, make them understand what cleaning is really about. We want to set benchmarks for the cleaning industry in India. It is an ambitious plan, but we are here to accomplish it. The academy will be a major part in making this happen. This collaboration was meant to be.” – Dr Paolo Scapinello, Export Manager, Filmop, Italy

Collaboration with Ramaiah University

“Conducting skilling, reskilling and upskilling programs to suit the employees at entry level and various levels is an ongoing process and a major vertical of the University. The association of M.S. Ramaiah University with Schevaran Laboratories to form the ACE is a major step in this direction and will go a long way in meeting the challenging needs of the country, which is the provision of clean and hygienic environment for its citizens. We assure all support in terms of preparing the curriculum and ensuring effective delivery of the same.

“Over the years, we have learnt that it is not only degrees that matter, it is the skills learnt while learning it. We wanted to integrate skills and research aspect with education. We are thrilled to contribute to programs which focus on cleanliness and hygiene.” – Dr Arup Bhattacharya, Director – Training and Lifelong Learning, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences

“The Academy is a result of a long time plan. We have a much larger training team educating our customers to make sure that the products are used to optimal efficiency. The advent of ACE will go a long way in improving the standards of cleaning and taking the FM industry to the next level.” – Benjamin Alexander, Director- Sales, Schevaran Laboratories

Michael Bandemehr, Master of Advanced Studies ZFH, Training Management has designed the program for the Academy as per Swiss standards, taking Indian requirements into account. As the course director, he believes that “With a more structured system of cleaning, we can offer a new service. Efficient cleaning costs jobs, and the new service will also create jobs. Creating new tasks for ordinary employees is a part of business development and the future of a company. Functioning properties can be professionally cleaned by qualified workforce.”

“Many of them who are responsible for large areas like offices, airports, railways, the domain knowledge is very nascent and not necessarily seeped into the skill of the manpower that is there. In the corporate world, staff are picked up but the upkeep and maintenance that is delivered for the upkeep of the over `300 crore property does not match the investment and the image that is projected. There is a great gap between what is actually done and what is actually delivered.

It is only in the last few years that domain knowledge in the cleaning and facility management industry has been systematically recorded and shared. However, this knowledge has not necessarily been internalised by facility management personnel; consequently, upskilling in the industry occurs sporadically, and without a well-planned learning methodology. To introduce systematic education and training in the facility management sector, Schevaran Laboratories - India’s leading cleaning chemicals manufacturer, Cleanfix - the Swiss precise cleaning equipment manufacturing company and Filmop - the world’s largest producer of cleaning tools, in association with Ramaiah University, have joined hands to establish the Academy of…

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