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Partek Combijet Uno Scrubber Drier

An innovative scrubber drier rider with high manoeuvrability like a walkbehind machine and efficiency of a rideon suitable for all kinds of scrubbing & drying needs.

Cleaning Quality: Equipped with high down pressure feature performed by the double brushes system, it allows for the uniform cleaning on suitable floors. The adjustable down pressure, visible on display, offers great advantage of perfect results, during any cleaning operations.

Visibility: The strategic positioning of the washing unit and the squeegee system allows the operator for an easy and complete control over the washing and drying actions, avoiding accidental injuries.

Clean the Corners: The brushes positioned at the front allows reaching all types of corners and close to the walls, providing effective cleaning results and eliminating manual process of cleaning corners.

Safety: The squeegee positioning is such that Combijet Uno dries the surface completely without leaving any streaks behind. The propelling system located on the two back wheels grants a great stability even on wet floors. Combijet Uno is also equipped with an automatic speed reduction system linked to the movement (forward and reverse motion) to ensure max safety for all environments and for all surfaces. The max. working speed could be anytime adjusted directly from steering mounted controls along with foot brake pedal on the left.

• Adjustable brush pressure (0-38 kg) with display
• Low noise (<64dbA) operations
• Good stability on wet floors with perfect visibility
• Clean corners effortlessly
• Most controls on the steering
• Low running and service costs
• Comes with Power steering and can be used in narrow spaces
• Low noise three stages turbine motor
• Incredible run time of up to four hours

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