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Palava City Maintenance through Participative Governance

Pre-Post Monsoon cleaning

Monsoon is a challenge for any housekeeping operation… at Palava, the team adheres to strict pre/post monsoon cleaning schedules. Anti Algae treatment is carried out to ensure surfaces do not develop algae and regular cleaning/scrubbing ensures there is no discoloration of the stone.

Pest Control

Pest Control of all city common areas and buildings are given specific attention. Regular fumigation is done to ensure larvae control.

The horticulture team has developed an innovative idea to plant Citronella Plants around water bodies and peripheries to reduce mosquito and larvae breeding.

SWM Facility

At the full-fledged SWM facility, waste is converted to manure and electricity. The plant is made on European guidelines and is ISO-9001, 14001 & 18001 compliant. In the Swachh Sarvekshan conducted by the Ministry of Urban Development, the winning Indian City was able to segregate 40% of its waste. However, at Palava, the benchmark is 90% waste Processing.

All types of waste from the designated spots are collected and transported through COD (Closed, Odour & Drip Free) to the Solid Waste Management Facility in auto bin lifting vehicles. The facility has been built for the reception, processing, recycling and storage of waste. The facility is completely selfsustained with its own power supply.

Some waste management systems

• Segregation of mixed garbage is done through mechanical means into wet and dry fractions.
• Dry waste fraction is sorted into plastic, metal, rubber, glass, paper, cloth, cardboard, thermocol, etc. A baling machine is used for easy storage and transportation.
• Organic wet fraction is treated in 2.5 tonnes x 2 portable biogas units to generate manure and electricity from the Biogas.
• Horticulture waste is converted to manure using organic waste compacters.
• Inert disposal, Bio medical waste and E-waste are collected from the facility by licensed vendors for disposal.

Training, Rewards and Recognition

• Regular training is carried out by Diversey and other agencies for service partner teams to ensure the teams are updated about operating procedures, cleaning chemicals, equipment usage and customer feedback.
• Rewards and Recognition is conducted monthly for Service Partners to motivate and engage the team members.
• Teams are rewarded for the valuable contributions in operations, customer feedback, high levels of integrity and implementing and providing ideas to further enhance our services.


The 100 acres of land is currently covered by trees, gardens, and landscaping. Over 20,000 trees have been planted so far. There are 63 varieties of shrubs, creepers and 79 varieties of trees. The Horticulture team ensures that the finest gardening techniques are used to keep the City flora lush and green all year round.

Swachh Palava Council

At Palava, the PCMA’s principle is participative governance. The Swachh Palava Council comprises citizens working with PCMA to drive the message of cleanliness and waste segregation. Each council member heads a subcommittee amongst his/her individual society to drive the message of waste segregation and upkeep.

To inculcate the values of cleanliness and care for environment, the teams work closely with the two schools Lodha World School and Pawar Public School. Children have taken mass pledges of “Pledge to Segregate” under the Swachh Bharat Mission.

The Association ensures the uninterrupted services for stable power & water…

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