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For the first time in India, Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd, in association with KGS from Switzerland, has launched an oscillating polisher machine TID-XS which can polish, maintain and clean staircases, countertops, tabletops, and any compact areas where larger machines cannot reach. The machine can be held with the handle on itself for closer control and can also be attached with a longer handle for areas where the operator cannot reach, such as in the washrooms. Being rectangular in shape, it can cover all the corners also.

No machine has been able to clean and polish staircases like the way TIDXS can do. The 80W motor is powerful enough for its application as it works up a speed of 3600 oscillations/min. The machine weighs only 10.5kgs making it light enough for the operator to work with. It is most ideal for hotels and facilities management companies which are looking for solutions to polish, clean and maintain these neglected areas in their premises.

The machines can be fitted with FLEXIS HD Sheets from KGS which are manufactured by KGS Switzerland and are available in #400, #800, #1500, #3000 and #8000 grits for polishing, renovation and cleaning maintenance. The best and most important thing about this polishing system is that it does not require any chemical for cleaning or polishing therefore it is 100% eco-friendly and chemical free process. As no chemicals are required, the price-performance ratio is also very high. Being faster than all other processes, it saves on time and labour costs, in addition to the natural colour of the marble by enhancing its gloss levels!

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