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ARCORA International GmbH introduces Orbital Heavy OR17, an orbital machine with a combination of eccentric and rotary motions. The oscillating head is adaptable to all surfaces and enables working on uneven floors.

The robust construction, weighing 71.5kg and the user friendliness characterize the professionalism of this machine. Simple handling guarantees fatigue-free working.

The special orbital technology significantly improves the mechanical cleaning power, eliminating many other factors. This minimizes and eliminates other factors. As a result, you protect the environment and save time and money.


The orbital technology, coatings can be easily removed without chemicals. The machine is suitable for surface treatments such as polishing, crystallization, microgrinding of marble, cement, stone, parquet, clay tiles and stoneware. It is also ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces such as carpets.

The Orbital Heavy OR17 with the ARCORA® PU-PAD is highly recommended for intermediate floor cleaning.

ARCORA® Tilting System

For maximum pressure on the ground, with lifted wheels, the OR17 enables best cleaning results even in narrow spaces and corners.

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