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Online Solution to Measure Pest Control status

Rentokil Initial India believes in constantly updating its offerings through technology improvements and innovations. The company has recently launched an upgraded version of PestNetOnline, its pest control management system, with a range of innovative features.

PestNetOnline is an online reporting application designed to enable organisations to review the status of their pest control 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across multiple sites. The company has introduced four tiers to the service (Proof of Service, Standard, Professional and High Dependency) to match the differing pest control needs, varying the detail and complexity relevant to individual customer in a wide range of industries.

The High Dependency level is specifically designed with the food processing industry and pharmaceutical segments in mind, where a failure in pest control may jeopardise business operations. This service level is suitable for organisations that need to provide a complete audit trail to external bodies. Food manufacturing organisations can suffer severe penalties for incorrect data and poor records and High Dependency offers these users complete data reporting, a dedicated audit function and highlights recommendations for pest prevention. Recommendations with supporting photographs, automated reports and online trends analysis charts are just a few of the enhancements that will allow users to devote less time and resources to pest prevention, while offering reassurance that their premises is pest free.

When PestNetOnline is installed, barcodes are set up on site by Rentokil technicians who are specially trained to identify problem or high areas. A barcode is allocated to either a danger hot spot or a detector location depending on the tier of service chosen. All pest activity and pest prevention recommendations in that location are entered against the barcode by a Rentokil technician each time they service the site. This information is uploaded on to a secure server and is available for organisations to analyse immediately. By identifying any problem or weak spots up-front, organisations can be much more proactive and cost efficient when managing their pest control. This reduces the need for any unnecessary site visits and lets people prioritise where they need to be viewing activity online.

Introduction of the PDAs has enabled Rentokil technicians to work seamlessly with PestNetOnline. It has become a vital part of the business operation and service information recorded by technicians can be uploaded via PesTrak (an application on the PDA that enables technicians to record and submit visit information) within minutes of a visit to PestNetOnline for customers and colleagues to view. New services are available to technicians as a result of the synergy between PesTrak and PestNetOnline.

In summary, the PNOL system enables users to identify risks, recommendations and trends throughout the operation, so that they can prioritise the areas for action. Users with single or multiple sites access all of the information that they need from a single web page, and can automatically schedule and generate any reports that they require. Thus, PNOL will play a significant role in the High Dependency segments, especially food processing & pharmaceutical industry.

Rentokil Initial is a UK based business services company, operating in the major economies of Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Africa. The company has over 70,000 employees providing a range of support services in over 58 countries where the brands have come to represent consistent quality of service. “The new Rentokil Initial identity is a more dynamic and confident reflection of what the company is as ‘Experts in the Essentials’,” says Sam Easaw, Managing Director, Rentokil. “Rentokil Initial in India is known in the industry as a leading pest control provider, especially in IT/ITeS, pharma and food processing sectors.” The strength of the company are:

  • Surveying techniques : Expert Surveying tools, rigorous training, 6×6 selling methodology – migrating from Transaction selling to Solution selling
  • Technical Expertise : PDA (Advanced handheld PDAs for technicians)
  • PNOL (PestNetOnline reporting system)
  • Efficacy : Holistic Solutions – Exclusion, Restriction, Destruction & Monitoring (ERDM) Pest Management, PestAware programs, International Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) standards
  • Customer Experience : Customer Voice Count (CVC), Customer Contact Management
  • Service Offerings
  • Specialized : Rat proofing, Bird Proofing, & Termite control
  • Other Service Offerings: Flying & Crawling insects, Rodent control, Bed bugs, Mosquitoes control & Vector control.


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