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OCS ties up for germicide technology

OCS group, UK, and Genesis Biosciences have signed an agreement for the exclusive use of germicide ActivapTM in its feminine hygiene unit of Cannon Hygiene (part of OCS Group). In India, Cannon Hygiene products are distributed by PCIES.

Activap is an advanced and effective germicide for feminine hygiene waste disposal. It can eradicate at least 99.999% of harmful bacteria and virus like HIV and Hepatitis B & C. It has attained a ‘5 Log Drop’, which is a 99.999% reduction in potentially lethal bacteria in actual use conditions. A 99.999% reduction is also the level of performance required to pass the international disinfectant standard BS EN 1276:1997.

The patented vapour in the germicide works throughout the interior space of a feminine hygiene unit and is tested to ensure unrivalled protection from the hazards associated with the storage of sanitary waste. Activap has natural and active ingredients and poses no threats to the environment, as it degrades naturally when confined to landfill.

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