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Widely accepted as the Father of Indian Pest Management Industry, PCI Founder, NS Rao’s life was a sum of a million inspiring stories – some of which seem straight out of a movie script. When denied a loan from a bank, an infuriated Rao swore to the teller that he would be back as the bank’s chairman. And true to his word, Rao did become elected as the Bank’s chairman years later.

As a three year old kid, Rao took a ‘chavani’ that was lying nearby his baby sister’s crib. Although it was an act of complete innocence, the memory shaped much of his life. It was a moment that inspired him to work harder, earn more… and give more.

He was a man with a large heart and always remembered the good in people. When he came to Mumbai to begin a career, he had nowhere to stay. It was the people from his community who came forth to help him. For all the times they were there for him; he gave back to his community.

Way back in 1954, when pesticides upshot were unheard of, Rao, a visionary in the field of horticulture & pest management, established the country’s first pest control company – Pest Control (India) Pvt Ltd. Since then, under Rao’s supervision, PCI has constantly endeavoured to introduce better and more cost-effective pest management technology for both services and products. His vision and foresight coupled with the desire to constantly improve, enabled the company retain its premier status even today. The company established its own product formulation and manufacturing (liquid and gas) facilities, equipped with state of- the-art quality control, analysis and R&D facilities. Bio-Control Research Laboratories (BCRL) is a modern facility engaged in the propagation and production of various biological control agents and bio-pesticides and spearheads the company’s commitment towards environment-friendly pest management techniques.

Rao was an enchanting story-tellerwho could have a large conference room of over 500 people hanging on his every word. He had a sharp mind and a loving tutor, who took the time to engage not just your mind, but your heart as well.

From the nation’s first and topmost Pest Management Company to a school and a college for the children in his village, Rao built a generation that is capable of now building itself further.

Like Dr. Veerappa Moily said, in his foreword in a biography about N.S.Rao – “He has been a role model and at a time when Corporate Responsibility was not thought of in India, he pioneered the concept commencing from his own village where he was born.”

Looking back, Rao was nothing short of a legend. He was a self-made man. Like every other mortal, he made his fair share of mistakes. What was unique though, was his ability to rise above his failures and learn from them. N.S. Rao was only a man. Somewhere along the way, he metamorphosed into a legend. That is how he will be remembered.

“It will be wrong to say that he has passed away. The way he walked the talk, the footprints he left, will continue to illumine millions of Indians. His contribution to the Pest
Control & Cleaning Industry is unforgettable!

– Jayaraman Nair, Chairman
Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd




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