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The magazine should provide details on novel and innovative technology and techniques. This kind of information will make the people in the industry to sit up and take notice of the new information and want to implement it. The content is ideal for supervisor or mid level executives in the industry, who are at the learning level. But for people in the senior managerial positions who have years of experience in the industry, the topics and subjects have to be fresh and innovative. Our main criteria in selecting equipment and cleaning chemicals are their efficiency and cost effectiveness. But many equipment in the market are not cost effective making it difficult to be used daily. Rising awareness among clients have led to risen expectations from service providers at all levels. But the expectations are not met by their willingness to increase financial support to facility service providers. MNCs though, don’t mind spending for desired results. Their standards are slowing being adopted by the Indian companies as well. Domestic companies face a greater challenge of maintaining high standards in cleanliness with public awareness being low on the subject.

Keith Rodrigues
GM- Operations
Manipal Servicecorp Facility Management Pvt. Ltd.


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