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Non-hazardous method of pest control

Antonio Vitti, president of Ecologic Solution Inc. in Stamford, found a safe and innovative alternative to hazardous pest management while on a trip to Italy and was so impressed with the simple, poison-free method that he purchased the US, Canadian and South American rights. Vitti, who has worked in construction and heavy equipment operation for 50 years, said he established Ecologic Solution because he heard that urban communities across the country are plagued with populations of mice and rats. He was also disturbed to learn that such rodents are vectors for diseases.

“It’s very dangerous. That’s what I found out in my investigation,” said Vitti, who rents the non-toxic pest management boxes, or machines as he calls them, to clients for use in residential, commercial and school settings to capture rodents without mess.

“You see no blood, no smell,” Vitti said. During a four-month project in the Bronx, Vitti said, “I caught 900 rats in 10 buildings.”

As a demonstration, he set up a box in a Fairfield County school where administrators claimed there was no rodent problem, and caught 18 mice in seven days. Vitti had a box set up in his own office for demonstrations and was surprised to catch a mouse this week. The Ekomille boxes are loaded with dry food. The food attracts rodents and the box traps them, dropping them into a solution of vinegar and orange juice. “Mostly we use chocolate chip cookies,” Vitti said.

It’s ideal because many schools refrain from using chemicals. That’s why you can use it in schools and shelters. It’s not going to harm anyone. Although they are safe to handle, cleaning the boxes or removing dead rodents aren’t the customers’ responsibility.

Although the rodents drown, Vitti said they don’t suffer because they’re rendered unconscious before being dropped into the solution.

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