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[box type=”shadow” ]KENT RO Systems Ltd., a pioneer in RO systems in the country, has come up with a new zero percent Water Wastage Technology in water purifiers fitted with a separate ‘Reject Water Tank’ to store the rejected water that can be utilised by consumers for household purposes. KENT also started a joint programme with the Art of Living to educate and spread awareness among rural population about hygiene and health practices. Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman, KENT RO Systems Ltd discuss various issues related to clean water supply and availability in India and KENT’s joint CSR initiative – Project WASH.[/box]

Clean water for poor

To support the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan drive, KENT Ro in association with the Art of Living brought clean drinking water to the doorsteps of the residents of Govindpuri slum, New Delhi (Navjeevan Camp) by distributing 500 KENT water purifiers. Around 500 families have been benefited from this initiative.

Need for recycling water

As the global demand for water is encroaching on its supply, there is a need for recycled water. To improve efficiency in corporate water use, we need to innovate around water reuse technology and enhance water education and outreach. To make a viable option for clean water resources in the country, sustainable forms of cooperation between the private sector and government bodies are essential.

[box type=”shadow” ]“Project WASH will address the basic sanitation and hygiene issues for 8,500 people residing in rural areas”[/box]

Zero Water Wastage technology

Recently, KENT RO Systems Ltd. has come up with an innovative and patented zero percent Water Wastage Technology in water purifiers. The RO purification process is essential to remove dissolved impurities like arsenic, fluorides, heavy metals, etc., as they are harmful for health. Conventional RO purification technology, while purifying, rejects a very high percentage of water (around 80%) and only 20% purified water is recovered. Balance water is wasted and goes down the drain.

The heart of this technology is a computer controlled process wherein the membrane is washed automatically and more than 50% of water intake is recovered as purified water.

The balance rejected water is stored in a separate ‘Reject Water Tank’, which can be utilized by consumers for household purposes.

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