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Excel International Group has introduced KaiVac 1250 No-Touch Cleaning® System to the Indian market. A Hygienic Solutions for Every Commercial Restroom the KaiVac 1250 is compact, lightweight, easy to maneuver and transport. However, it packs a powerful 500psi pump and a heavy duty three-stage vacuum motor. In addition, it supports many add-ons and attachments that round out its already versatile performance.


High-Powered Indoor Pressure Washer:This high-pressure spray effortlessly washes away soils, bacteria and other bio-pollution that other cleaning methods leave behind – leaving fixtures, floors and walls sparkling clean.

Reliable Wet Vacuum Motor: Well-built and reliable, the powerful 3-stage vacuum motors in our No-Touch Cleaning systems efficiently remove all soils, bacteria and cleaning solution, leaving floors clean, dry, free from
bio-contaminants and ready for immediate use.

Industry’s Best Squeegee Blades: Developed for cleaning performance and durability in “hostile” environments, the squeegee blades are engineered for maximum soil removal. Plus, they are chemical, grease-and wear-resistant for extra-long life.

Convenient Dumping & Filling: Save time and avoid worker injuries by dumping dirty water in the nearest toilet through the drain hose and filling clean water at the nearest sink with the fill hose.

Accurate Chemical Metering: It saves on chemicals with color-coded tips that control accurate metering of our chemicals from 1, 2, 4, 8, and 20 ounces per gallon. Charts are included to match color tips for appropriate dilution.

HEPA Filtration Exhaust and Blow: KaiVac 1250 includes HEPA filtration on wet or dry vacuum exhaust for optimum indoor air quality. Plus, the 300mph HEPA filtered blower allows to effortlessly and instantly dry fixtures or dust high areas. 


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