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Nilfisk-CFM launches a new range of industrial vacuums

Nilfisk-CFM has launched a range of four new industrial vacuum machines for customised applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, packaging and OEMs segments. Equipped with hygiene, safety, silence and reliability features, the industrial vacuums enable efficient dust collection.

Model VHW310, on-board vacuum has been designed to be integrated into automatic machines. This small and powerful machine can be put to work continuously (24/7) and increase the efficiency of automatic machines.

The Model VHW311, comes with both fixed or mobile options. It is completely hooded and can be customized for different needs. Designed in compliance with the GMPs directives, it is easy to use and to sanitize.

Model VHW320, a multifunctional innovation, can be integrated into automatic machines but can also be used for cleaning and maintenance of working environments. It is easy to use and the filter can be cleaned with a single touch.

Model VHW321 is a top of the range smooth running industrial vacuum. The innovative design without angles allows a perfect sanitization. It is extremely silent and completely hooded, equipped with the Bag-in-Bag-out system for a safe and easy replacement of the absolute filter without getting in touch with toxic dust. It is available in many different versions and is ATEX certified.

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