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Owned by the Raimondi family, RCM has been making sweepers from 1967 in Italy. In fact, RCM is the first company to manufacture mechanical sweepers in Europe. The company has three production facilities in the north of Italy and has 125 employees. The sales offices are in Spain, Italy and Russia. Apart from a joint venture in China for sales, the company has dealers and importers at different parts of the world – South America, the Middle East, the Far East, Europe, North Africa and Austaralia.


We do not produce cheap machines. Our key points are reliability, strength, simplicity for the benefit of end users, easy maintenance and mechanical aspects.

We produce from small walk behind powered sweepers to big industrial sweepers which are used to clean public places, squares, pedestrian pathways or city centres. The industrial machines are used in foundries and other production facilities. They are very much in use in ceramic tile factories where controlling dust is very necessary. The tile factories are concentrated in Sassuolo district in Italy. Italy has this problem of dust and we pay more attention to filters in our sweepers. We manufacture 21 models of sweepers with electric, battery petrol, diesel and LPG systems.

New Technology

RCM has developed the proto type of sweepers with hydrogen powered fuel celled motors. From the environment point of view, this is the technology of the future. We are also developing by the end of the year, combination machines – combination of sweeping & scrubbing and dry sweeping & wet cleaning.

Coming to India

India is one of the markets we are very keen to expand on. We have been having a reliable partner in Inventa for the past 10 years. The relationship has been very good. Not only that the company has been giving very good technical support but has also been advising us on how to approach the Indian market.

Inventa, which has a manufacturing base in Noida and has technical expertise, has now joined hands with Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd, primarily because marketing is the major strength of Charnock Goup. The joint venture company ‘Green Sweeping Technologies Pvt Ltd’ will be marketing RCM’s range of industrial sweepers such as ALPHA, Brave, Slalom, Atom Plus, Nove, Boxe, Patrol, etc.

The sweepers will be green in colour quite contrary to the RCM philosophy of keeping all its machines in red colour. Here we are co-branding an Italian product sold by a very Indian company

Green Sweeping will have a totally different approach to environmental and ethical issues. The company’s focus is to introduce environment friendly cleaning in both private and public sectors, streets, hospitals, etc. There is also an effort to convey the importance of having a clean mind. RCM has always been propagating reliability and we are happy that we are now associating ourselves with two reliable Indian partners. While Inventa has a good technical strength, Charnock has an effective distribution network and knowledge about Indian market. We have a lethal combination of the two companies and we hope this works well for all of us.

We are launching the sweepers at Clean India Pulire. The plan is to bring the entire range in the future.

In future, there could also be joint venture for production for the convenience of the local market. To begin with, we may look at producing components or assembly of equipment.

Definitely, India will be one of our main markets to focus on for the coming times. We wish the promoters of Charnock and Inventa – Vivek Mata and Arun Thapar all the success in this new joint venture. In fact, this is the first time such a collaboration has taken place between two competitors.

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