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Washroom hygiene

Chennai based Surfactants and Allied Chemicals offers Sanitizer and Deodorant for toilets and bathrooms. Because of its concentrated form, SAC New Gel has the added advantage of economy of usage and storage as compared to phenol. Derived from natural oils like lemongrass, pine and jasmine, it removes bad odour and imparts a pleasant fragrance. It mixes easily with water.

Pleasantair – D is dilutable upto 5 times with water, depending on the intensity of fragrance required. It must be filled in a spray container and sprayed wherever required. Also, it can be sprayed in the filters / ducts of centralized air conditioners so that fragrance is distributed evenly.

Hygienic floor cleaning

Kolkata based Funclean launches Floor Scrubber with 80/100cm PP Coated long handle. Amongst the other major attributes, the product is equipped with extra thick long lasting non-woven Abrasive Pad for Scratch free floor mopping. It reduces bending, reaching and lower back injuries resulting in healthier body due to long length of PP coated Pole/Handle. It is equipped with rust free PP Coated handle. It is hygienic by virtue of no hand contact with dirty water and gives easier access to hard-to-reach areas, such as the rim & corners.

UV resistant garbage bin

Mumbai based Time Technoplast Ltd has launched garbage bins -120 Dumpo Flat Lid of 120ltr capacity, 240 Dumpo Flat Lid of 240ltr capacity and 240 Dumpo Dome Lid of 240lt capacity with attributes like corrosion free, high resistance to UV radiation and acid. It is suitable for use with standard collection and cleaning systems. Available in Gray, Green & Blue colours with a poly bag holder, it is BMC Approved, TUV certified, noise & impact free. Having reinforced rubber tyres and strong body, it is garbage truck compatible and can be used as litter bins.

Dumpo Bins are the wheel based Refuse bins made from eco-friendly material. Their design ensures easy installation, thereby facilitating their quick replacement and maintenance. These Bins are certified by TUV Singapore in conformity to EN standards 840-1

Other features includes resistant to acid, TUV certified, reinforced rubber tyres, noise & impact free. All models are suitable for use with standard collection and cleaning system

Floor Polishing Solutions

Hyderabad based Domadia BusCon In has launched DCP-Diamond floor pads formulated to maintain and restore honed or polished natural stone like marble, granite, agglomerates, Terrazzo and concrete flooring.

These pads may be used in conjunction with daily scrubbing procedures or as a separate maintenance procedure. Used wet or dry DCP offers 2X the life of competitive pads. Available in various grit sizes, so whether you are maintaining a honed or silky finish, a deep glossy shine, or anywhere in between, DCP is the pad for you.

Glis 10

The product is a ready to use powder formula for restoring polish to marble, terrazzo, limestone, travertine and agglomerates.

Glis 10 Marble Polish is a blend of polishing agents formulated for safe and effective use on marble, terrazzo, limestone, travertine and agglomerates. This new formulation is in a stable, ready to use damp powder format, eliminating the need for thorough mixing before use. Marble Polish has the power to remove fine scratches and provide an outstanding polish as the final step in restoring the polish to a worn floor.

It requires no special equipment and standard 175 floor machines can be used. Auto scrubbers can be used to expedite the polishing process. It does not easily “burn” the marble if allowed to stand on stone surface. It is easy to use with only basic training required.

It can be used with standard non- woven red or hogs hair pad. It polishes and conditions in one process. It is odourless with no possibility of airborne particulates eliminating the need for breathing masks. Accidental contact with carpet, wood and soft metals is easily cleaned without damage and damp powder format does not require mixing before use.

Air Freshening System

Mumbai based Jade Consumer products has launched Nuevo electronic the world’s most environment friendly air freshening system delivering 30 to 60 days continuous fresh scent and odour control. It uses a patented technology to deliver minutes doses of pure fragrance oil with a proprietary odour neutralizing agent 24 hours a day seven days a week. The dispenser operates irrespective of the climatic conditions, room temperature or air. The perfume gives long lasting continuous fragrance throughout the refill life.

It works against gravity for precise delivery and fragrance without fragrance pooling or leaking and operates on 2AA alakaline batteries that last up to two years. It can be positioned at any height and is made of recycled plastic.

Indigenous floor cleaning solution

Mumbai based Soma Specialities Pvt Ltd launches Heavy Polisher X7 for polishing marble, granite, concrete and terrazzo floors. The machine, weighing 200kg is equipped with three planetary discs to complete the work in a short span of time. The machine has nine polishing pads rotating at high speeds from 300 to 1600rpm for faster performance and better grinding results on all kinds of floors. Heavy duty motor of 5.5 HP provides torque for floor maintenance operations. It can also be fitted with additional weight rings to increase grinding speed.

PHPL offers new range of dispensers

Pune based Pudumjee Hygiene Products Ltd launches dispenser, which includes Sensor Based Automatic Soap Dispenser automatically dispenses the soap by utilizing the advanced infrared sensor-detecting technology. The user should hold his/her hands at the level of the motion sensor, and it will provide liquid soap to get hands squeaky clean. It is useful for liquid soaps, sanitizers, suitable for kitchen, bath desktop and workshop. The new products include Curvz Soap Dispenser, Center Pull Compact Towel Dispenser, Heavy Duty C-Fold Paper Towel Dispenser.

Commercial cleaning solutions

Mumbai based Green Erect launches Enchoice, a Multi Enzyme Concentrate. Enchoice is an organic multi-enzyme based product, produced in the United States. This includes its use in odour control, general cleaning and degreasing at federal food processing plants and poultry factories. Easy to use, effective and economical, Enchoice is a completely organic product, manufactured in a cold f ermenting process from kelp, cane sugars, yeast, malt, molasses, lactic acid, citric acid, and other proprietary ingredients. In addition to its application in cleaning and degreasing, the product has been utilized in odour control, elimination of small insects, and in waste water treatment as a natural alternative to other conventional chemical agents.

Accelerates natural reactions due to the catalytic action of its enzyme based formula. It can eliminate or reduce many odours by chemically altering ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, phenol and other volatile fatty acids.

Functions best in aerobic condition.

It works well within a wide range of temperatures (above freezing to 1200F.)

It has a pH of approximately 4.5 and is effective in mediums having a pH between 3.5- 9.5. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-explosive, and safe for humans, animals, plants and marine life.

It is user friendly and eliminates the need for protective clothing, gloves and boots. It does not require any special precautions for transportation.

Disposable bins for institutions and corporate

New Delhi based K C Green Revolution Private Ltd launches Disposable glass bin to dispose of the used paper / plastic glasses. With the uniquely designed bin the number of glasses collected will be at least six times more than the conventional one. It will save on the turnaround time of cleaning / emptying the bin. The bin’s quality is of international standard and unique due to its design.

Colour Coded Bins

Municipalities, RWAs, institutions and industries are more focused today on the classification of garbage. To classify the garbage at the point of collection, people need to be trained on color coding concept. Easy to and durable, these bins are customized in terms of color, size, design, graphics, pictorial presentations and lastly the language.

Floor polishing for concrete

New Delhi based Surie Polex launches Floor Grinding Machine HSG – 500. The HSG-500 and Diamond Tools are the ideal choice for floor grinding and polishing of Concrete, Granite, Marble, Terrazzo, Kotah etc. It is most suitable for large areas and very hard surfaces. Its 10hp heavy-duty motor meets the most demanding requirements of any of the above operations.

The machine is powered by a flange mounted 10hp AC, three-phase motor, 400V, 1440 rpm. The motor directly drives a specially designed heavy duty gear box. The entire Motor-Gearbox-Grinding Head Assembly is mounted via a swivel assembly to the machine frame. On the machine frame are mounted the wheel assembly, water tank with flow control, variable speed drive and handle assembly. Two vertical bars are provided on the frame to mount extra weights if required.

The combination of flexibly mounted tools plates and swivel assembly allow the machine to easily glide over uneven surfaces. Further an infinitely variable speed drive is provided to allow the machine to adapt itself to different types of flooring, uneven or plain, as well as hard or soft.

pest and Flies control solution

Uni Clean Equipments Pvt Ltd launched Mega Trap –Electronic Fly Catch- FT E002 in which natural attractant can be used to lure the flies which will be trapped in the transparent hemisphere.

It is safe, non-toxic, effective and can kill up to 20,000 flies. It is currently used by farmers, equestrians to get rid of flies. Patented, biodegradable and non –toxic bait is used in the machine. It protects farms and homes from fly invasion.

It has also launched Mega Trap –Electronic Cockroach Catch through which cockroach and the eggs are 100 per cent killed.





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