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New garbage collection system for Chandigarh

The Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh has planned to collect garbage from individual houses and deliver to the processing plant directly. Speaking to CIJ, Dr BK Salwan, Medial Officer of Health, said, “We are starting a pilot project with the new garbage collection system from April 15. With this system, we will be sending the garbage directly to the processing plant instead of dumping it in residential areas.”

At present, private contractors lift garbage from the residential areas of the city and dump it in the Sehaj Safai Kendras or the SSKs. “But, in a few sectors, SSKs are yet to be constructed and contractors or residents are throwing garbage in the open, leading to foul smell. The new system of managing waste is a good initiative by the Corporation, but it will only be successful if things are carried out systematically,” he added.

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