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New Thyssenkrupp Elevators to reduce Covid risk

Ways include proximity and thermal sensors, air purification systems and aerosol dispensers

To make handrails free from any pathogens and  to    prevent    the   disease transmission at all times, Thyssenkrupp Elevator (India) has launched a  high  intensity UV sanitizing unit. These units automatically sanitize every  inch of the escalator handrail on every pass, to make it safe for everyone.

It is  also  developing  smart and user-friendly touchless elevator calling solutions such as proximity sensor based solution, QR code based solution, and bluetooth based solution.

Its UV disinfection and nano- photocatalyst   technology- based air purification solution eliminates up to 99.99% of airborne pathogens. This  option is  available  for  most   cabins   as  a  straightforward  upgrade   of existing air conditioning circuits, or as a quick-to-install independent air purification system.

Another solution is an unobtrusive infrared thermal camera, which monitors each passenger’s body temperature as they enter the cabin. This triggers alerts that can also enable building management to track and notify passengers who may be unwell.

Its aerosol disinfectant dispenser  can  be  programmed to operate during working hours to sanitize the elevator  cabin.  By regularly delivering a safe antiviral and anti-bacterial spray, a clean and secure environment for passengers can be maintained at all times.

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