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New technology for remote monitoring of food businesses

The digital technology that is used by food businesses to manage hygiene practices, could soon also be used to help environmental health officers to monitor food businesses. This will enable them to spot food safety problems promptly and improve protection for the public. These are the findings of a new study published by the Food Standards Agency. The study demonstrated the value of digital systems for food businesses, as an alternative to paper-based systems, and recommended further research to test this approach with a wider range of businesses.

The FSA, in partnership with Checkit and Cambridge City Council, completed a three-month trial that saw five businesses in the Cambridge area replace their paper-based food safety management processes with Checkit’s digital solution. Says David Davies, product and marketing director of Checkit. “We take data protection very seriously and the cloud records are only accessible to the customer, but to facilitate this study these customers agreed to make their data available to the EHOs.”

An orderly approach for sustainable growth Hold. So many foreign items

According to the CEO of SmartTask, Paul Ridden, lack of uniformity and business process are clear barriers in building a valuable contract cleaning company. Speaking at the Manchester Cleaning Show, Paul highlighted the importance of taking a systematic approach using the latest workforce management software to gain operational control and implement consistent procedures, so growth can be handled in a sustainable manner.

“For any successful business, there will always be some growing pains along the way as business owners and managers face the challenge of scaling up without losing visibility and control over resources,” he said. “The adoption of a workforce management tool can support the introduction of enhanced or premium services, above and beyond what was previously possible,” he said.

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