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New Product Launches at CTW 2022

Xsoni Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Xsoni displayed a 100% indigenous product, a Generation 4 Wifi enabled (Steer Smart Ergonomics) industrial washer extractor, dryer, washer and dryer combo and garment dry clean press. The unique feature of this innovative product is its new sliding door dryer with more pace saving and health efficiency and a 3-in-1 washer and dryer combo which is ideal for work wear industries like food and pharma manufacturing.

IFB Industries Limited

IFB launched its commercial laundry and dishwashing solution – Xeros laundry machine. With the use of this technology, you will be able to reduce water consumption by up to 70% and power and chemical consumption by 50%. Along with these direct utility savings for any commercial laundry space, the Xorbs™ also helps in increasing the linen life. The replacement rates of linen come down drastically and are twice as better as compared to conventional wash.


Sahyogg launched the Sahyogg Application and their tech-based franchise brand Mr Blue and Sahyogg. The brand which is application based is a one-stop solution for all laundry needs. They showcased all laundry-related packaging materials, chemicals, equipment, laundry fabrication and supply of manpower. Mr Blue is creating a tech-based laundry industry that can provide 1-hour laundry service.

Middleby Celfrost Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

IMC Waste Station reduces manpower for handling restaurants/hotels’ food waste, reduces the waste storage hiccups at the customers’ premises, no more dependency on the municipal corporation to collect waste and save/earn money on their waste disposal process. They will be able to earn extra income by selling compost as this will convert food waste to compost that will process waste up to 700 kg per hour resulting in a self-cleaning process with maximum kitchen hygiene.

Indico Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Hercules – Range of corrugated vehicles.
Indico has a long history of technological leadership in India’s commercial vehicle industry. It has a 30-year legacy in the commercial automobile industry and sheet metal segment. Starting with a single truck, bus and articulated trailer model, it has grown to become one of India’s premier commercial vehicle manufacturers. The company specializes in commercial vehicles, garbage compactors and cold roll forming products.
The range of Hercules are Range Tipper, Tip-Trailer, Load Body, Step Back Trailer, Container, Multiple Application FCV Tipper, and Side Wall Ribbed Trailer.

Ishitva Robotic Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Indian waste segregation has a new entrant in its field. Ahmedabad based, Ishitva Robotic Systems makes automation solutions for sorting recyclable materials using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With the help of these industry 4.0 tools, Ishitva has been able to make material recovery viable for the waste management industry even in countries like ours. Ishitva’s Vision System is trained for millions and millions of images, and it can classify and detect recyclables on a very high-speed conveyor. With the help of this Vision system, it has developed a complete range of offerings starting from AI-powered air sorters and robotic sorters to fully automated Material Recovery Facilities. Ishitva is ready to transform the Waste management and recycling industry with its path breaking solutions.

Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

This year Charnock introduces their new-age machines that are already running successfully at various client locations. They have officially launched the C235 – Micro Scrubber Drier and CRS 1814, Road Sweeping Machine.

G S Enterprise

The company is set to launch their new scrubs and cleaning sponges which can be used for deep and scratch-less cleaning. They help in maintaining the shine and newness of the article.

Elan Wellness Products

Bubble Mini Hand Dryer. It takes 12 seconds of high-speed drying time, has an efficient and powerful operation, is durable and has low maintenance.

Sanosil Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Eco-friendly formulation launched by Sanosil Biotech Pvt. Ltd. in technical collaboration with SANOSIL AG of Switzerland. Sanosil Biotech Pvt. Ltd. a Mumbai-based company has launched a range of multipurpose disinfectants which are eco-friendly, chlorine-free and completely biodegradable having applications in the Pharmaceutical and Health Care industry as well as in the Food Processing & Mineral Water Industry. The product is being used in various countries by reputed institutions and has been thoroughly tested under strict regulations imposed by European Health bodies.

Sanosil Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is marketing this disinfectant under the ‘Virosil’ brand name and is targeting the western and southern industrial belt of India. The company has already set up a distribution and infrastructure network having establishments in Delhi, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Gujarat, M.P. and Maharashtra regions.

Trivector Biomed LLP

FAR UVC AFRICA offers a wide range of new products that are completely safe and autonomous for human beings. The technology can supply a myriad of occupied spaces with safe and continuous disinfecting that protects clients, employees, students and guests against any airborne and surface pathogens, including COVID-19.

All products are filtered to ensure 100% human safety and include motion sensors to prolong the life of the globe and create true “connect and forget” technology. Our products activate when spaces are occupied and automatically turn off when they are vacated.
Range of products – Ceiling Mount/Pendant Luminaire 150w, Wall/Ceiling Mount Luminaire 150w, Wall/Ceiling Mount Luminaire 20w, Sanitation Gateway 1200w, Hand Sanitisation, Flush Mount Luminaire 150w, Flush Mount Luminaire 20w, Mobile Unit 150w, Trolley Sanitation

Fonzo Equipment Pvt. Ltd

Fonzo. Its target segments are the food and pharmaceutical industry, facility management, commercial kitchens and Fonzo Equipment Pvt. Ltd. introduced their new steam pressure cleaner, a model called Clivor Magic under the brand name Fonzo. Its target segments are the food and pharmaceutical industry, facility management, commercial kitchens and restaurants.

PECOPP Pest Control Services Pvt. Ltd.

At the CIS 22, PECOPP launched two unique international pest management products, FLYght ILTs and RodeXit rodent barriers.
FLYght ILTs traps are compact, sturdy, and saves up to eighty percent of the electricity costs of fluorescent tube ILTs. Pestroniks manufactures FLYght traps in India with the FLYght One range in a mild steel frame and the FLYght Duo in an aluminium frame. India is among the first countries in the world where FLYght traps are available, with the product popular across Southeast Asian markets like Singapore.

Food factories, beverage plants, pharmaceutical units, hotels, restaurants, and other premises that monitor filth flies will find FLYght traps a highly effective fly management tool. FLYght trap UV LEDs last more than fifty thousand hours and, with lower power consumption (compared to conventional fluorescent tube ILTs), are a great aid in quality (QMS), food safety (FSMS), and environmental management systems (EMS).

RodeXit: India is only the ninth country in the world where the RodeXit All-In-One rodent proofing strip is now available. Manufactured in Denmark and imported into India, RodeXit contains a Santoprene elastomer, a soft and versatile thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) that is flexible like rubber but rigid enough to deter pests.
RodeXit is easy to handle and install with tin snips and Stanley knives. The product’s screw markings guide the fast fixing of Rodexit in under thirty minutes in most cases. Quick installation is a key RodeXit feature, and the product lasts for ten years from installation under favorable conditions.



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