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New No-rinse floor cleaner & sanitizer

Responding to the recent studies that 49% of floors and 66% of floor drains in commercial kitchens are contaminated with pathogens, and that the regular floor and drain cleaning is not enough to reduce these pathogen levels, leading hygiene technologies & services provider Ecolab has reformulated its industryleading Wash ‘n Walk™ floor cleaner by adding sanitizing chemistry that lowers pathogen levels on commercial kitchen floors. The new floor cleaner is the first one-step, norinse floor cleaner and sanitizer registered with the EPA. The formulation is effective at killing 99.9 percent of Listeria, E. coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus on nonfood contact areas with a five-minute contact time. Like the original formula, Sanitizing Wash ‘n Walk also helps reduce slips and falls, saves energy and water (no rinse needed), and makes the cleaning process quick and easy.

“The cleaner redefines kitchen floor cleaning and takes it to a whole new level,” said Mukund Vasudevan, Managing Director & Country Head, Ecolab India. “This advanced formula can help our customers prevent outburst of food borne illness.”

In a separate news, Ecolab Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota has reached an agreement to acquire the U.S. operations of Charlotte, North Carolinabased Swisher Hygiene Inc for approximately $40 million.

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