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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning for cleaning window shades / blinds through sound waves is fast, gentle, efficient and safe because there are no dangerous chemicals involved in the cleaning process. It cleans the vanes/slats of binds, head rail, as well as the cords, string and wand. Ultrasonic waves produce microscopic bubbles that generally remove visible and microscopic dust particles from an object. It does not scratch, pit or damage items the way conventional cleaning methods can.



Window Cleaning  System

Gurgaon based Unger India launched Food Services Outlet Cleaning Systems for the food service industry for their many critical requirements. The HiflonLite water fed pole system for window cleaning system offers the gold standard in terms of ease and result, combining the right amount of rigidity to control cleaning. It is a light weight system that is better for the professional use. Every part of the system, from clamps and levers to brushes has been created to deliver high standards with cutting edge look. This is a telescopic system but can reach up to 11mt and is made of hybrid of carbon composite lighter but durable material.Nifty Nabber Bagger is a waste carrier for indoor and outdoor cleaning. Robust and ergonomic, it can be pulled over floor and has the protection from danger of sharp edge.Proceiling Fan Duster is used for dusting of ceiling fan and other flat surfaces. It cleans and holds better with microfiber strands.

Indoor Cleaning System

This system can clean window quickly even in the hard to reach areas and saves water. Windows are dry streak free by cleaning with pure water. It is equipped with flexible aluminum pad holder with Velcro and microfibre pads. Its short fibre& 15mm pad is used for spot cleaning and heavy spoilages respectively. Said Debasish Behera, GM-Sales, SAARC, Unger India, “The show has served as an ideal platform to tap the potential customers in the food service and hospitality segments.”


Indigenously made ride-on scrubber drier

Benaka Engineering Company Pvt Ltd has indigenously developed Ride-one scrubber dryer, Eco Drive VM 24, which combines the features of both walk behind and ride-on. It is compact and functional in driving skillfully on both small, medium to large surfaces. It has a scrubbing width of 75cm and is equipped with big tank. Dharmendra, Director-Technical, Benaka Engineering Company Pvt Ltd acknowledged being able to connect with the right kind of customers during the show. “The indigenous products displayed by us were an advantage for India market by virtue of being price sensitive.”


Green Engineering

Noida based Inventa Cleantec launched HE-11/110 to enable hospitals, kitchens, to conduct 360 degrees cleaning without harming the environment. This technology uses electricity for heating as opposed to diesel, thereby making it a smokeless operation. The product stands high on safety standards owing to the multiple safety cut off features and compact size. It is widely adopted by the food industry, hospitality industry and meat industry.

The Hotwave technology makes use of high powered steam to conduct sanitization and deodorization apart from basic cleaning operations. The product requires minimal water and power, relying mostly on instantly generated steam to clean. This product reduces reliance on water by 80%. A by-product of this technology is that steam leaves no ‘water’ marks on surfaces and dries up instantly, thereby giving far better results than conventional water cleaning. This product is widely used by the automotive industry since steam does not damage electronic parts under the hood and inside the car. It is safe to be directly used on battery and electronic surfaces.

Commercial and industrial cleaning

Scrubber drier Quick 36E brings a compact cleaning solution with a simple, ergonomic design for easy access to confined spaces. The Italian technology offers a lightweight, compact design perfect for quick clean up with a 360 degree spin. The foldable handle makes it easy to manoeuvre and store without heavy duty maintenance. The low height ensures easy access to under workshop bench / desk / corner areas. The multi-utility function makes scrubbing on a variety of floors possible. The Walk behind design gives a more accurate control to target specific areas like large scale commercial, retail environments and industrial environments. eg pharmaceutical industry, automotive assembly lines

At the launch Karan Thapar, Director – Marketing, Inventa Cleantec Private Ltd, said “The show could help us network with potential clients in automotive and retail segments.”


Washroom Hygiene

Chennai based Surfactants and Allied Chemicals Pvt Ltd offers Sanitizer and Deodorant for toilets and bathrooms. Because of its concentrated form, SAC New Gel has the added advantage of economy of usage and storage as compared to phenol. Derived from natural oils like lemongrass, pine and jasmine, it removes bad odour and imparts a pleasant fragrance. It mixes easily with water.

Pleasantair – D is dilutableupto 5 times with water, depending on the intensity of fragrance required. It must be filled in a spray container and sprayed wherever required. Also, it can be sprayed in the filters / ducts of centralized air conditioners so that fragrance is distributed evenly.


Hygienic Floor Cleaning

Kolkata based Fantasy Creations launches Floor Scrubber with 80/100cm PP Coated long handle. Amongst the other major attributes, the product is equipped with extra thick long lasting non-woven Abrasive Pad for Scratch free floor mopping. It reduces bending, reaching and lower back injuries resulting in healthier body due to long length of PP coated Pole/Handle. It is equipped with rust free PP Coated handle. It is hygienic by virtue of no hand contact with dirty water and gives easier access to hard-to-reach areas, such as the rim & corners. Appreciating the show, Lob Gupta, Director, Funclean, Kolkata, said “The show was instrumental in creating awareness about a clean and green environment.”


Air Freshening System

Mumbai based Jade Consumer Products has launched Nuevo electronic the world’s most environment friendly air freshening system delivering 30 to 60 days continuous fresh scent and odour control. It uses a patented technology to deliver minutes doses of pure fragrance oil with a proprietary odour neutralizing agent 24 hours a day seven days a week. The dispenser operates irrespective of the climatic conditions, room temperature or air. The perfume gives long lasting continuous fragrance throughout the refill life.

It works against gravity for precise delivery and fragrance without fragrance pooling or leaking and operates on 2AA alakaline batteries that last up to two years. It can be positioned at any height and is made of recycled plastic.


UV resistant garbage bin

Mumbai based Time Technoplast Ltd has launched garbage bins -120 Dumpo Flat Lid of 120ltr capacity, 240 Dumpo Flat Lid of 240ltr capacity and 240 Dumpo Dome Lid of 240lt capacity with attributes like corrosion free, high resistance to UV radiation and acid. It is suitable for use with standard collection and cleaning systems. Available in Gray, Green & Blue colours with a poly bag holder, it is BMC Approved, TUV certified, noise & impact free. Having reinforced rubber tyres and strong body, it is garbage truck compatible and can be used as litter bins. Dumpo Bins are the wheel based Refuse bins made from eco-friendly material. The product, which specifically caters to the LUBs, Devanand Kolekar – General Manager (Marketing), Time Technoplast Ltd, Mumbai, said, “The separate Municipal Corporation pavilion was a unique opportunity for us during the show.”


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