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Grinder and Polisher


 Final Technologies Pvt. Ltd launched Hercules, a grinding and polishing machine, with a double cutting system. The equipment prepares the floor like epoxy, tilling etc. along with polishing surfaces like marble, granite etc. Hercules is durable, best suitable for Indian concrete floor and competitively priced.


This new technique allows one to transform any old, ugly, stained or dusty
concrete floor in a perfectly smooth surface, extremely resistant, shiny,
incredibly beautiful, easy to keep clean and free of dust.


Microbiological Detergents


 Bioforce, is the new line of biological products for cleaning and waste treatment operations from Hygiene Medical Industry Co Ltd. The products are part of the new generation Microbiological Detergents that has both institutional and industrial applications. It makes use of alive, pathogenic microorganisms and enzymes to provide odour control in drains and sceptic tanks among other uses.




Air Freshener

Vectair Systems, a leading technological innovator, manufacturer and supplier of  hygiene products, has launched V-Air® SOLID, a VOC exempt air freshener with multi-phasing and sub-micron fragrance technology, set to solve many of the problems that exist in the marketplace presented by aerosols and passive liquid or gel systems.

V-Air® SOLID is VOC exempt and 100% organic and biodegradable. The complete system contains no batteries in either the refill or the dispenser, which means the dispenser is fully recyclable. V-Air® SOLID is designed so that is does not need any external power source, and it doesn’t rely on gravity – all it needs to work is natural airflow. It contains no liquids so won’t spill or leak in transport, and it is unaffected by climatic conditions which is a common cause of passive cartridges failing. All of this means that V-Air® SOLID is not hazardous for transport and unlike aerosols or hazardous items, has no disposal issues after use – it can be placed in normal waste.

The V-Air® SOLID cartridge is made up of a unique ceramic capsule and a fragrance core. These combine and diffuse powerful key fragrance notes that are subtly different, resulting in a multi-phasing fragrance effect lasting up to 60 days, combatting fragrance fatigue.

V-Air® SOLID utilizes pioneering submicron technology – meaning fragrance particles are much smaller and lighter than other fragrance systems (less than 1 micron), remaining airborne for many hours. This makes V-Air® SOLID highly effective
whilst being safe for public areas (like lifts and corridors) and continuous exposure.

The technology behind V-Air® SOLID is packed into one powerful refill component, and the complete aircare system is made up of just three parts – the cartridge, a dispenser and a fully recyclable retaining clip.

New Concept machine

Benaka Engineering Pvt Ltd has indigenously designed robotic equipment that are set to change the way of cleaning. Reducing the manpower dependency to zero, the new concept machines with smart sensors are capable to sense the way and can clean manual intervention.


Automatic Sanitary Bin

The Automatic sanitary bin from Washroom Hygiene Concepts (P) Ltd works on the sensor technology and allows depositing sanitary waste without any physical contact with a cradle-to-grave solution for the collected waste.

Features & Benefits

  • Dispose of waste safely and responsibly
  • High strength ABS/PP material with EPA approved anti-microbial additives moulded into the lid and “Drum” providing continuous on contact germ kill.
  • EPA approved Biomaster® protection incorporated into the rotating carousel and the removable tray.
  • Manual (Foot Pedal) and Touch Free (Automatic) versions available
  • Innovative revolving modesty flap ensuring waste is completely hidden
  • Removable chute (black) for easy cleaning
  • Top cover easily/quickly removed
  • Manual unit can be installed on either side of the cubicle floor
  • Automatic unit can also be installed on wall using wall mounting bracket
  • Unique drum operation enables discreet use of the bin
  • Sanitary waste distributed “randomly” into the bin which ensures that the waste doesn’t form a pile
  • Drum does not “invade” bin capacity so we get 23 litres bin capacity in actual use

Bric Trolley System

The unique Bric Trolley System from Western Floor Pvt Ltd can be customized for different applications and easily available replaceable spare part. The features of the Bric trolley system makes it a useful product that can be used in every industry.



Cannon Capsule

This Cannon Capsule is an innovative product, which is both a disinfectant and a fragrance dispenser. The certified equipment, works like a fogger releasing small nano capsules that explodes upon contact with the human body.



 Super-fast mop and scrubber


The award winning B60/10 from Karcher Cleaning & Hygiene Services Pvt Ltd is a cross between a superfast mop and scrubber. Its advanced non-power operated vacuum allows it to run continuously for over 24 hours. The MopVac can clean open areas five times faster than a regular mop however it is much more economical and cost-effective than a scrubber dryer. And the fact there is no need for electricity or battery power – the floor is dried using a vacuum pump – makes this tool ultimately simple and cost-effective to use and maintain, as well as being eco-efficient. The B60/10 potentially opens up
new markets around the world to more cost-effective and professional floor cleaning. For example cleaning operations which may currently be using mops but cannot justify the investment required for a scrubber
dryer may be able to move up to the level of the new MopVac and improve the quality of their service.

Drain inspection and cleaning equipment

Ridgid SeeSnake, the drain inspection system- K-50 from Corporate Millennium Hygiene Solution Pvt Ltd
captures images that give complete view of drains and pipe lines and better diagnoses of the blockage. Post diagnoses, the K-50 a drain cleaning machine comes into play. The combination of both equipment provides end-to- end solutions to any drain and pipe blockage troubles.


Diffusion systems Launchn and Soap dispensing systems

A line of aroma diffusion systems and soap dispensing systems was launched by Netpak Elektronik PLastik Kozmetic Ltd. Sti.

The Carpex Aroma Diffusion systems, has two models. The bigger model directly connected with the AC duct, suitable for areas up to 4000-6000 cubic meters. The second stand-alone unit can be installed in the wall or discreetly placed in smaller areas.

The Royal Line of Soap dispensing systems can be placed in hotel rooms allowing for economical usage of toiletries. The individual dispensing units can be used for anything from body wash to body lotion.



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