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New Launch at Clean India Pulire 2013

Floor maintenance machines
Guangzhou Super Clean Machinery Co. Ltd launched a variety of products from scrubber driers to vacuum cleaners and various cleaning tools. AS-2007 ride-on scrubber drier boosts of effective and speedy floor cleaning with cleaning operations covering 1230sqm-2870sqm/h. This product has dual tanks of 125lt and 132lt to hold both clean and dirty water respectively. Its flexible operation, bilateral brush design is suitable to clean larger areas effectively.
SC2A is a scrubber with its drive mechanism design that makes detergent changing more convenient. All the operating switches are in the handle itself for operational ease. It has a split-style water tank design and its design style makes it easier to transport and maintain.
SC-802J and SC-802J-3 from the sea clean series of wet and dry vacuum cleaners come with a stainless steel built making it strong and durable. It has a strong suction and a tilted water device in addition to a powerful low noise motor. A complete set of accessories is also available with the products. It also has a 80lt tank capacity and circulating air cooling mechanism allowing it to be used for longer durations.

Sanitizer for decontamination
Having the benefit of a sanitizer, purifier and de-odourizer Rosario Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd launched its Hygia Magic Range System of sanitizer. It is a Photo-Catalytic application that works continuously in a self propelled simple, safe and affordable manner to sanitize surroundings virtually without the use of chemicals. Hygia Magic, can be effectively installed to decontaminate ambient environment in a manner acceptable under guidelines laid by US FDA, EPA, CDC, and Department Of Defence to measure decontamination against Micro Flora.

Step on carpet cleaner
For faster, easier and efficient carpet cleaning Santoemma Srl launched Nikita, a step-on carpet cleaning machine. In a single pass it cleans over 70cm strip of area and is capable of covering 1000sqm in an hour. It can be used on the carpet with the ‘encapsulation’ technique and with optional squeegee SQ900N can be transformed into a powerful step-on scrubber drier.
It is fitted with an integrated Smartkit system that allows for correct chemical dousing and a special battery that uses the spiracell technology enabling for longer battery like and higher battery cycles.

Floor Cleaning Equipment
Guangzhou Haotian Cleaning Equipment launched a range of cleaning equipment providing various cleaning solutions. XD2A, an efficiently designed scrubber it has a butterfly design handle that holds all the operating switches to enable ease in control and operations. It is fitted with strong and durable Ametek suction motor. Its curved and stress-adjustable squeegee makes water-absorption more efficient with a drive mechanism design for easy detergent replacement.
The HT-154B floor renewing machine boosts of strong rubber wheels enabling it to move in different kinds of floors. Its narrow top and wide bottom tank design provides it with better balance and can be used for carpet and floor cleaning, especially renewing all kinds of stone floors.
For cleaning of high and narrow access, pipeline and stairs, the BXC2A, a 5L Backpack Vacuum Cleaner, weights only 5kg and is convenient to carry and use. With circulating air cooling temperature controller and air outlet it is very comfortable to use. A new plastic back rack and see through cover allows for effective cleaning.

First-ever flame proof scrubber-drier
Bangalore based Benaka Engineering Company Pvt Ltd, launched the flame proof scrubber drier C-400, claimed to be the first ever in the world for efficient cleaning operations in industries like mining, pharma, paint and petroleum. The patent pending innovative product is CMRI approved and conforms to BIS and ISI standards. It has a capacity of 38/42L, 230V AC, scrubbing width of 450mm and squeeze of 700mm.

Multi Purpose Degreaser
Kerala based Kleen & Hygiene Products’ Hyssop Kleenol MP, a Multi Purpose Degreaser, is biodegradable, medium-duty surface degreaser/cleaner ideal for industrial and commercial facilities, institutions and even households. It quickly and safely removes oil, grease, grime, dirt and other contaminates from all surfaces types and components.

Injectors for cleaning equipment
Germany based R+M SUTTNER introduced easyfoam365+foam. The injector is designed for cleaning vehicles carrying cattle, food, frozen foods and fish in order to avoid bacterial spread. The foam device is a combination made out of stainless steel and special high performance plastics. It has an optional compressed air connection in order to supply the required air quantity for foaming that is already in the injector unit.

Nano-technology cleaning products
Mumbai based Rossari Biotech Limited introduced G525 Buz® Windowmaster, a window-cleaning concentrate using nano-technology with anti-soiling effect which cleans glass, windows, frames and car windows. It is also an anti-soiling effect that prevents re-soiling. R100 Roca Pregno is solvent-based stone impregnation for open-pored and absorbent stone surfaces. It is long lasting and protects the stone surface from stains, liquid soiling such as oil and grease which cannot penetrate the surface.

Cleaning agents and systems
Mumbai based Revachem launched a variety of cleaning solutions and systems. Reva AC-2, a concentrated alkaline cleaner for tough application on tiles, ceramics in high traffic areas. Reva-HD.2, a concentrated floor degreaser for hassle free mechanised floor degreasing. Reva Glaze, a spary and buff type liquid polish for marble and natural stone. The other products include Multi Functional Janitor Cart using Smart Disinfection System, a unique and fully automated Instant Mop Impregnation system and Ds-Drop System a new cleaning and sanitation system based on the use of pre-impregnated mops. The new drawer is complete with cover or perforated lid for a uniform impregnation of the mop replacements. The trolley is HACCP certified.

Cleaning mops & brushes
Delhi based Kibble Enterprises’ launched a range of mops and brushes for kitchens to washrooms. Kibble Scrub Brush-Floor, designed to clean & scrub kitchen floors and is available in 26cm size. The Kibble Wash Brush-Round is designed to clean toilet floors and behind the WC area. It has a three side handle design for effective cleaning and is available in 12cm size.

User friendly Mop
Mumbai based Galileo Associates’ Scissor Mop has a steel handle and can clean 100cm in each span covering huge areas. It can be easily dismantled and has a long life.

Eco-friendly air freshening system
Mumbai based Jade Consumer Products (I) Pvt. Ltd introduced Nuevo Dispenser. The Nuevo Electronic air freshening system, delivers 30 to 60 days of continuous fresh scent and odour control. The system uses cutting-edge patented technology to deliver minute doses of pure fragrance oil with a proprietary odour neutralizing agent 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Anti-microbial coating
Mumbai based Colossus Health Care launched Colossus® T2 Germs X which traps and kills all types of bacteria, viruses and fungal spores through the production of reactive oxygen species, especially hydroxyl radicals. It is a powerful oxidizer of organics and works as an active antibacterial destroying the cell membrane and including oxidative DNA and protein damage of microbes. It also reduces the pathogens which are spread due to the electrostatic binding at the surface.

Vacuum cleaner & Scrubber drier
Bangalore Based Uniclean Equipments Pvt. Ltd launched Vaccum Cleaner SX 44 & Scrubber Drier RA 55B40. SX 44, a compact spray extraction, is ideal for spray extraction during deep cleaning carpets. It features a 14L solution tank and a working width of 27cm weighing just 16kg when empty. It is easy to transport and therefore extremely versatile. RA 55B40, a battery operated compact scrubber dryer, has a working width of 550mm and working time of 3-5 hours covering 2200sqm/h. It can be used on various kinds of flooring and has multiple applications. It is easy to maintain with open access to battery and components.

Pressure washers & polishers
Delhi based Astol CleanTech (P) Limited launched Astol Multy Function Single Disc Polisher and series of Cold Stationary Pressure Washers. The Single Disc Polisher operates on low sound, has a tank capacity of 11lt. It has a cleaning width of 430mm and brush/pad speed of 175rpm. It is light weight and easy to handle.

Scent Diffusion Systems & hand dryers
Cannon Hygiene (India) Pvt Ltd launched two types of Diffusion Systems and hand dryers. CannonScent MDW-250, a modular scent diffusion system, makes use of Sub-micron Micro Diffusion Technology and can cover 3m3 area. It has a capacity of 250ml of refill bottle and can be programmed for hours of operations and diffusion cycle settings for each day. CannonScent MDX-250, a portable scent diffusion system makes use of Sub-micron Micro Technology and can cover 1m3 area. The Diffusion Systems can be used in indoor scenting of areas where central or modular scenting systems are not applicable. Cannon CS200X Hand Dryer fits over the walls in the washrooms. It is cost effective and service handle means quick and easy replacement.

Floor Care
Final Technologies Pvt. Ltd’s Surface Preparation machine smoothness the concrete and develops abrasions on it at the same time, making it possible to cover 8000sqft in two days. The machine can be used on epoxy flooring in industries and just before surface preparation for tile or stone flooring in commercial complexes. It is handy and a time saving equipment.
Protection Roll for floors is a protective covering and is especially useful during construction process. The non-sticky roll easily sticks to the floor without leaving any adhesive marks and is also easy to remove.

Odour terminator
Eureka Forbes Ltd’s Pom Essence odour terminator has a long lasting aroma action. The highly concentrated formula leaves an eco-friendly persistent fragrance and does away the need for aerosol air fresheners. Pom Essence is available in four different scents corresponding with different seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Cleaning equipment
Soma Specialties Pvt Ltd’s range of high density and robust vacuum cleaners and a line of scrubber driers under the Cyclon brand were launched. The vacuum machines operate with low noise and high suction power and last for years without rusting. The scrubber driers come with better suction capacity and larger tanks for covering larger areas. Since the products are mass manufactured, it is possible to have quality machines at low cost.

Waste recycling bins
Evershine Stainless Steel Sdn. Bhd. launched new waste recycling bins. RCB-1301S-T is a multi-compartment fire resistant, versatile and durable recycling bin which comes in attractive design and superior quality of stainless steel. It is liquid leak free bins and requires very less maintenance.

Philip Sydenham unveils Vectair’s “Vibe®”
Innovators in washroom hygiene, UK-based Vectair Systems Ltd unveiled its revolutionary new VIBE® Fragrance Delivery System at Clean India Pulire in the presence of Philip Sydenham, Deputy Head of UKTI Western India from the British Deputy High Commission Mumbai. Vectair along with their import partner, Excel International were particularly happy and expressed gratitude to Philip Sydenham, who took time from his busy schedule to celebrate the launch on the special invitation from Vectair to the 10th edition of Clean India Pulire 2013. Excel International imports and distributes the entire Vectair washroom hygiene range.
Philip Sydenham, also the guest of honour to the inaugural Clean India Awards ceremony held at Grand Hyatt on December 6 evening, congratulated Vectair Systems Limited for the nomination of its innovative V-Screen® Urinal protection screens for the Technical Award in the Hygiene Solutions category.
Vectair Systems Limited is UK Trade and Industry Export award winner and regular contributor to the British Government’s drive to encourage more UK companies to embrace Export as an essential part of their growth plans. Vectair itself now exports to over 100 countries around the world.
“We congratulate Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd on the 10th edition of the Clean India Show and the glittering Clean India Awards ceremony which recognised the company’s continued drive and enthusiasm to improve hygiene standards in India,” said Joe Ovenden – Sales Director and David O’Donoghue – Export Manager of Vectair and George Oommen of Excel International, in a joint statement issued to Clean India Journal after the Show.

“Fantastic Show”
Speaking to Clean India Journal at the Show, Philip Sydenham said: “Clean India Pulire is a fantastic show. So many exhibitors from across the world goes to show that cleaning is a booming sector in India.”
Visiting the participants from the UK at the show, he said: “While I do not have the exact statistics about the UK companies doing business in India, we have Rentokil, one of the larger companies from the UK here besides Vectair which is growing fast. It is fantastic to have such success here.
The well-equipped the UK trade websites enable British companies to express their interests in doing business in India. “We have wide reach in India with 60 staff dealing with the investments through various channels. Definitely, we can look at further tie-ups for companies to use this platform. I think the first step would be to go back to the UK and show the interest.”

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