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New Hygiene Solution for Public Washrooms

Florida based diversified World Patent Marketing has launched the innovative Splash Screen, a solution to protect men from back splash while urinating in urinals. It comprises a detachable covered top half, multiple slits located at the bottom half and multiple adhesive tabs which are detachable and are used to securely stick the urinal screen on various surfaces of the urinal. What sets this apart from other similar products is that it is made with chemical fluid repellents and comes in various scents. To use this invention, one simply peels off the back of the adhesive strip and stick the product to any desired surface.

George G, the inventor of Splash Screen, said, “The Splash Screen is a sensible solution to a common problem in the overlooked market of men’s hygiene, that upholds consumer confidence by eliminating urine backsplash. Splash Screen exudes a high-level of commitment to quality public sanitation in a health conscious society.”

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