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New generation eco-sustainable toilets

The Environment Engineering and Management Department of Thailand-based Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) have developed two prototypes of toilets: the Solar Septic Tank (SST) and the Hydrocyclone Toilet (HT).

Both the prototypes, showcased recently in New Delhi, are solutions that can help rural communities to dispose of human wastes with less environmental impact. These prototypes are a part of the global project of Naturally Acceptable and Technologically Sustainable (NATS) Toilet.

The SST is a modified version of a conventional septic tank, but it uses solar heat to disinfect the wastes and efficiently collect the gas produced within the tank to heat the system. As the SST can disinfect the solid wastes onsite, it virtually acts as an ‘instant sewer’ system using the heat from the solar panels and minimizes the sludge.

The HT uses technology that separates the solid and liquid wastes onsite through a black water separator. The technology disinfects wastes, which then can be recycled and used as compost.

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